Why Taking a Solo Ski Vacation is the Best Thing You Can Do

I’ve been a student of this beautiful life and, over the last few years, many of the lessons I’ve learned have been through solo travel. Whether I was exploring the Rockies or Coast Mountains in Canada, The Alpujarra on the south slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in Spain, or living in the magical Elqui Valley in Chile, solo travel (on and off my skis) have been one of the greatest gifts I have given myself.

Here’s why taking a solo ski vacation is the best thing you can do…

1. Embracing the Unknown Feels Good

In my experience, getting lost usually leads to adventure, kindness and a great story. Whether you’re checking out a mountain a few hours away from your home or in a different country, you’ll be visiting the unknown. Let planning and maps take a back seat and just wander – you never know where you might end up, or who you’ll end up meeting. But please, understand the balance between exploring and going beyond your ski ability! Follow the rules of the slopes and don’t put yourself in unnecessary danger.

2. Exploring Yourself and Getting to Know Your Soul is Inspiring

One-on-one time never hurt anyone! I remember the first dinner I went on alone while travelling solo. I gave myself a pep talk about getting to know myself. Without a cell phone, or understanding the language, I realized I had an opportunity to honor myself with some quality time free of distractions. Use your ski vacation to tap into nature, reset and fall in love with yourself. Dig a little deeper and embrace what life is all about – experiences.

3. Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone Helps You Grow

Don’t let fears of loneliness or insecurities get the best of you. New experiences build character, allow you to explore curiosities and discover. When you’re alone, you have the opportunity to try new things without worrying about the judgments of those who know you. Ski at your own pace or take the time to practice that trick you’ve been working on without the pressure of others eyes on you. And hey, if you’re alone … you get to tell the story of your adventures your way, or keep your stories in the vault!

4. Because When You Try New Things, You Feel Like a Bad Ass

Travelling solo can be liberating. Defy the realities of others and make them uncomfortable by doing something bad-ass, something unexpected, that challenges the norm. Step into who you are by taking a chance on that trip you’ve been daydreaming about, however crazy it might seem.

5. Meeting New People Could Change Your Life

Meeting new people has always been a huge part of my solo travel. And the friendships I’ve made have kissed my heart, helped me grow and enhanced my experiences. And for singles, it is a great way to scope out a new dating scene and open yourself up to love outside of your boundaries. So, strike up a conversation on the chairlift or ask if you can join a group over après. Have some fun with it!

This post originally ran on the Liftopia blog.

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