Why Taylor Swift's Performance of 'Ronan' Was Everything

During Taylor Swift's "The 1989 World Tour," Taylor Swift captivated an audience Monday in Glendale, Arizona after performing the now sensationalized song: "Ronan" -- first having been performed in 2012 at a Stand Up to Cancer telethon -- Swift chose to sing the piece in honor of 'Rockstar Ronan,' the son of a Ms. Maya Thompson. Thompson uses her blog to spread awareness of childhood cancer and to support The Ronan Thompson Foundation. The blog has proven effective as Swift admits to having read the blog "every night," before performing her masterpiece during the concert on the night of August 17, 2015. Time Magazine shares: "Swift also mentioned that since learning Ronan's story, she herself has had a close encounter with cancer. In April, she shared on her Tumblr page that her mother had been diagnosed with the disease."

"I wouldn't know half as much about what I know about childhood cancer or childhood cancer research if she [Maya Thompson] hadn't shared her story about her son Ronan.", Swift began before performing her captivating tribute to Thompson's deceased son Ronan who died of cancer while being under the age of 15. Speaking as someone who has not lost a dear loved one to this monstrosity of human diseases, I can only begin to imagine, just begin to feel, the sentiments of both pain and hope that Swift had engendered that night. Cancer, being the cause of disease for approximately 720 people under the age of twenty (find out more), it is no secret why an epidemic such as this one may resonate with the lives of millions. Ipso facto, it should also come as no surprise that the country singer turned pop-star, born December 13, 1989, would stand up against the disease in an effort to presumably, positively impact those who may or may not have experienced losing a loved one to the toxic disease, while also spreading awareness of the atrocities of the fickle killer.

The mere fact that Swift has always been a do-gooder -- responding to fans about prom, about their insecurities, and even about their queries about life itself -- makes this ballad even more special since we can count on the genuine Taylor Swift to show the world once more why music is about more than grammy nominations and bad blood -- that music is truly a means to inspiring the hearts of the many by the hearts of the so few who are privileged enough to have the ability to do so.

Way to use your celebrity in a swift and positive way, Taylor.