Why Teaching Is the New Marketing

It is REALLY hard to jump into the mindset to persuade someone to buy from you. First off, you have to have mind-blowing powers of conviction. And second, you really have to believe that your solution is the best thing since sliced bread.

And THEN you have to talk about your product constantly and how great it is. And in doing all of this, you are making "the product" the whole focus of your marketing. Wait shouldn't your customer be the focus of your marketing? A-ha!

But thankfully, today, you don't really need to be so persuasive, you just need one thing: to show your mad skills. In this video we'll talk about why teaching is the new marketing and I'm also going to show you how to use something called the "Halo Effect" to your advantage. Trust me this is gonna be goooooood!

Remember this: When you are marketing solely to persuade someone to buy from you, you are concentrating on creating a customer. And perhaps you'll succeed too. But when you teach someone a new skill, you are creating a loyal, raving fan.

I want to know in the comments below what you can start to teach about your work today to your current customers. Identify one area that your customers would like to learn from you and then go deliver them that information and sit back and watch the praise and goodwill roll in 😉

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