Why Teen Refuses To Take A Polygraph Exam Following Boyfriend’s Fatal Fall


Chloe’s boyfriend, Malcolm, was 21 when he fell over the staircase railing of a three-story apartment building while intoxicated. The young’s man injuries left him in a coma before he eventually died two-and-a-half weeks after his fall.

Chloe admits she was yelling at her boyfriend in the moments before his fall, but maintains she was not responsible for his death. Malcolm’s mother, Stephanie, doesn’t believe Chloe’s story and has asked her to take a polygraph exam.

But why has Chloe -- who was the only witness to the fall but was never considered a suspect by police in the wake of Malcolm’s death -- refused to take a polygraph?

“I have extreme anxiety, and it was a fear of mine that I would maybe fail,” Chloe says on Monday’s Dr. Phil. “I’m open to doing one, it’s more so that my attorney/my grandfather has advised me not to. I would think that he would know what’s best … I don’t know if I will ever take one.”

Stephanie and her sister, Reba, say they believe Chloe’s silence is an admission of guilt.

“It’s the one thing I think that would give me closure,” Stephanie says, but adds that even if Chloe were to take the test and it proved she was telling the truth, from her perspective, the two will never be on good terms.

“We’ll never be cool. It will not happen. Period. But if she didn’t touch him, I can’t hold that against her,” Stephanie says. “I just want to move on. I just want to get this over with. That’s all I asked her to do. Just take the test for me. You say you love me and my family, take the test and get it over with … If you ever cared about me and Malcolm … Malcolm would want you to take the test so his mama could move on.”

Dr. Phil offers Chloe a chance to take a polygraph exam and bring closure to the situation – but will she accept his offer? This episode of Dr. Phil airs Monday. Check here to see where you can watch.

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