Why Starting a Gratitude Journal Can Be As Good for Your Waist Size As It Is for Your Peace of Mind


As dieters, we often get caught up in what we don't have (a certain waist size, skinny jeans, self-acceptance -- you name it). This is why the Thanksgiving season can be a good reminder to be thankful for what we do have.

In fact, more and more researchers are finding that "Thank You Therapy" (reminding ourselves of reasons to be grateful) can help increase our happiness quotient, our self esteem and out overall outlook on life.

It doesn't take a self-help guru to realize that this kind of changed attitude will attract a lot more reasons to be thankful -- not to mention likely bring more positive results to our weight loss and other health-minded goals. Therefore, why not take a cue from this season of gratitude and begin a Thank You Journal?

Any blank notebook or pad of paper will do. Once a day, list five reasons you have to be happy. They can be small. They can be big. But list 5, every day (many people do this at night, just before bed).

I often make entries in my gratitude journal in the morning -- after my early morning workout, but before I begin my workday. Sometimes I'll doodle in the journal. Sometimes I'll write down an inspirational quote I don't want to forget. And other times I'll makes lists of reasons to be grateful. For myself, doing this in the morning certainly has a positive effect on the rest of my day -- not to mention on my efforts to eat and live in a healthy fashion and with mindfulness. This holiday season, why not give yourself a gift by journaling every day for a month to see how it affects your "attitude of gratitude" -- and, perhaps, even your physical health?

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