Best Meditation Studio

Don't just do something. Sit there! ~ Sylvia Boorstein

I saw a guy today at Starbucks. He had no smartphone, tablet or laptop. He just sat there drinking his coffee. Like a psychopath. ~ Twitter

Before computers and mobile telephones I spent alot of time in cafes. Maybe too much time. But living in Paris and Manhattan, that was what one did. Over the twenty years before cafes became mobile offices, I had scores of scintillating discussions with my favorite filmmakers, musicians, artists, and writers, as well as random people at the next table just reading the paper. Many of my best friends today I met in cafes aeons ago.

As I state in all of my workshops, mirror neurons do not fire via text message, or twitter, or Facebook, or email. Thus, I am always seeking out fascinating, open, loving, authentic, commutative do-gooders - people who really want to make a difference, who genuinely want to make the world a better place.

On Sunday I attended the grand opening of The DEN Meditation Studio and was blown away by its founder, Tal Rabinowitz. After spending almost twenty years in various executive roles in entertainment, Tal began The DEN as a passion project and it's exactly what has been lacking in Los Angeles.

While other meditation studios have a wide array of classes, Tal is firmly dedicated to also creating a thriving community. She told me, "The void for me was, where can I go to drink a cup of tea, get my work done, and take a meditation class? I want you to have balance in your life... to learn how to center yourself while still getting stuff done. I don't want to pretend the real world doesn't exist."

And there's also a private room for those who need to slip away and do their own practices.

The second I walked into The DEN I felt at home and I think you will too. There's an overwhelming sense of community and comfort. It's a safe space where people can take a meditation class and then sit in the common area to hang out, chat, drink tea, write screenplays, answer emails or unwind with a glass of wine. If that's not heaven, then I don't know what is.

I'll see you there!