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Why The Difference Between Sponsorship And Mentorship Is Crucial To Women’s Success At Work

And why women’s success is more than just checking boxes.

When it comes to addressing the issue of diversity and inclusion at today’s major retail companies, one of the biggest challenges their leaders say they face is women’s advancement to leadership positions.

At a panel in New York City, hosted by the CEO Action coalition for diversity and inclusion and held during the National Retail Federation’s annual event in January, Shannon Schuyler (chief purpose & inclusion officer at PwC US), Shawn Outler (chief diversity officer at Macy’s), Mercedes Abramo (president and CEO of Cartier North America), and Tammy Sheffer (chief people officer at Rent The Runway) met to discuss this challenge and share their insights on how they address D&I in their workplace.

“The customer today is expecting different things from our organizations,” Outler said during the panel. “They want to know that the companies that they do business with really get them, understand them and represent them.”

It mainly comes down to the simple fact that “they want to see themselves in marketing,” she said.

“It’s one thing to be able to coach somebody on their skills,” Schuyler said. “But it’s another thing to put some skin in the game to make sure that you’re really going to give some of your capital in order for somebody else to be successful.”

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