Why the Focus on Rove

Hilary Rosen says her shipmate buddies on a recent cruise “asked ...why the Democrats are focusing so much attention on Karl Rove and not, instead, on providing a better alternative story for the American people to hear. It’s a good question.”

Here’s another: What good’s an alternative story if there’s no media which will print it or broadcast it?

Karl Rove - the man to whom Bush refers as the “architect” of his 2000 Presidential campaign – is in fact the architect of a much larger campaign. More commonly known as the “culture wars”, this campaign aims to replace Empirical reality with Empire reality. Science with Faith.

Empire Reality was first enunciated by a senior White House advisor chuckling about those knuckleheads who are still deducing reality from facts. “We’re an Empire now,” said the senior advisor, “We create our own reality.”

See what I’m talking about? Empirical reality demands proof. That’s what makes it Science. Empire reality demands that we take it on Faith. Like WMD in Iraq. Uranium in Niger. The link between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda. And of course, the ever-popular “liberal media.”

When Bush administration types say “liberal media”, what they mean is media that won’t take their word for it, that insist on deducing reality from facts. Honest, that’s what makes the media liberal; they not only report on science, they’re grounded in science, they want evidence to back up the story. The more accurate name would be “secular media”. The larger campaign of which Rove is the architect aims to replace “secular media” with “faith-based media”.

That’s why it’s so tempting to fantasize about a trial. The justice system is also grounded in science; trials depend on evidence. So there’s some irony in the prospect of Rove and his apologists demanding evidence that he broke the law. Either way – he demands evidence or he’s nailed by the evidence – it’s a victory for empirical over Empire Reality.

Come to think of it, maybe that’s why the White House is so set on replacing “liberal” judges with conservative judges. Why stop with the media? Flood the judiciaries with faith-based jurists like Janice Brown who will just take Rove’s word for it.

Now that’s a plan only an architect could have dreamed up.