Why the Goldman Sachs Transcripts Matter

Pay close attention people, we're in the midst of the most exciting and consequential primary election cycle in recent history.
Somewhere in the maelstrom of stump-speeches, accusations, promises and debates, there sits Hillary and her Goldman Sachs speeches.
Don't blink. That's the act your eyes should be fixed on. Not because of politics or posturing, but rather because it's one of the most pivotal storylines in this historic primary cycle.
Here's why.

Campaign promises mean nothing
Claiming that a candidate 'broke a campaign promise' is, quite frankly, naive. Once in office, broken promises can be explained away, and the consequences are more than worth the prize of getting elected. What candidates say during elections, unfortunately, mean very little. Once in office, elected officials have more important things to do than refer to the well-worn handwritten pink notebook titled: "Things I promised in order to get elected".
Forget about the 'platform'. Forget about the policy positions. Forget about promises. They are as good as your 5-year-old promising she'll take care of the puppy if you get it for her. She may really believe she will, but you and I know she won't.

An unexpected lesson from All the President's Men
There is one thing you need to look for when choosing a candidate before evaluating his or her positions.
Remember Bob Woodward's conversation in a dark underground garage with his informant, Deep-Throat? Woodward asks him how he can get to the truth.
The answer was short and simple:
"Just follow the money."
That's right. When policy is made, you are not there. You are at home, at work, changing a flat tire, swearing at a baseball pitcher through the TV, or in Yoga class. You have more urgent things going on. Life.
Not everyone lost interest, though. The many bodies with multi-million-dollar interest in the nitty gritty of the policy being passed into laws are VERY interested. They are there day in and day out, staring your candidate in the eye with a look that says one thing, and one thing only: I got you here, and now it's your turn. All that will be asked for is not obvious or extravegant. A line in a bill here or an omission there. Small details that further their corporate agenda done in a way that avoids the spotlight. Usually no one pays any attention. Little seeds of corporate welfare, tax loophole, regulation loophole, or the like. Like cracks in the bridge: Adding one more will not make any difference.

The Goldman Sachs speeches are at the core
Hillary was paid over $200K by Goldman Sachs to speak for about 20 minutes. She did that several times. We know she did not deliver stock tips that valuable. We know she didn't tell them to look inside and find inner strength to balance work and family. Was it that the intrigue built during the first speech was so great, they had to come back for more? Doubtful. We can only assume that she was selling the only thing a public servant has to offer: Influence. We can only assume that what she was telling them has the potential to sink her campaign. Otherwise, we would have had those transcripts long ago.
We know that because it is already doing just that.
Let's do the math:
Most people regard Hillary as dishonest, which is hurting her tremendously.
Hiding simple transcripts plays right into it.
By releasing the transcripts she can help resolve this huge transparency problem that is used to successfully attack her character.
We can easily deduct that what's in those transcripts is even more damaging. She prefers that we suspect the worse than see the truth. That wishful thinking did not work well for Romney.
Her promise to release the transcripts when everyone else does, is vague and a lame excuse. It's like saying that she's as upfront as some unknown, hypothetical candidate who at some point gave a speech at Wall Street. Her cries that she's held to a different standard are pathetic. Hillary: You are asking to be our president - OF COURSE you're held to the highest standard, why would you not want to be?

Just Follow the Money
The reason why those transcripts are the key of the Democratic primary race is because they will shed clear light on what that money means. It is a proof beyond all proofs of what side Hillary is on: Ours, or theirs.
No matter what Hillary says, she is bound by the unspoken laws of politics: to submit to her financial backers. I don't doubt her intentions, but I also have no delusions. When it comes to help those who helped her at my expense, she will not flinch. She will not lose sleep. No one ever does.