Why the Insane Danger of Posting on Craigslist Hit Way Too Close to Home for Me

We have all heard or read about the horror stories of people having frightening experiences as a result of posting on Craigslist. New stories have informed us of the crimes, including murder, that has been committed with the assistance of Craigslist.

Despite all of the above, we are all still using Craigslist and other sites like it.

It never seems possible or real that something bad will happen, until it hits home, as it recently did for me.

One of my closest friends has a wonderful son who I cannot name here to protect his identity from his attackers. He had some concert tickets to sell so he listed them on Craigslist. My own husband has done this so many times, and I am sure my children have as well.

My friend's son went with his girlfriend to the agreed upon sale spot -- a Starbucks. The would-be buyer lured him to her car, saying her baby was inside.

Once at her car, a passenger opened the door and asked to look at the tickets. When he complied with this, they grabbed the tickets and slammed the door on his arm and sped away at 80 miles per hour. My friend's son's arm was still partly in the car door and the rest of his body clung to the side of the car, while the two heartless, cruel young girls around the age of 20, started flailing away at him to pry him loose from the car. After a bit, they succeeded and then he rolled into the street and they ran over him, and of course then they sped off.

His injuries were so severe, it will take him months and months to recover. His bones were broken in his leg, his arm, his fingers, and he received hundreds of stitches on his face and head. Here is a news station video and you can see how badly he was injured.

Outrage doesn't even begin to describe the way I feel at the two girls who did this. There was no integrity or value of honesty, as they stole the tickets out of his hand, but more importantly, they placed no value on his life. They tried to end his life over concert tickets.

Fortunately, my friend's son's girlfriend and others witnessed this horrific crime and got the license plate number, and an investigation ensued. The police, who in my opinion moved way too slowly on this, eventually arrested one girl and the other (who has a baby) is on the lam. They let her get away instead of going to their houses that night and arresting them, despite having the license plate number.

The police found the two women IN THE SEATS at the actual concert three days later. These girls had the absolute gall to go party at the concert with their stolen tickets. The police questioned them, but did not arrest them that day. Later after witnesses identified one in a line-up, she was arrested, but that gave her friend the chance to get away. From what I understand on news sites, she is still on the lam.

In the meantime I visited this family, and was shocked at the extent of this man's injuries and discomfort. He was released from the hospital after a week but faces many more surgeries. It is a very long and expensive road to recovery, and who knows how completely he will recover from all his injuries. He won't be able to work for months, and his mother who is caring for him won't be able to either.

All of this over a few tickets to a concert and a posting on Craigslist.

To me, this is assault with a deadly weapon, but it looks like these two lowlifes will be charged with aggravated robbery.

Beware everyone. There are truly evil people out there waiting to harm others for merchandise. In many cases, there is little value for human life in the pursuit of money or things. Keep this knowledge with you as you post on sites like Craigslist. So stay safe.

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