Why the Return of Gorgeous Curvy Supermodels to Fashion Runways is a Victory for All Women!

If you never thought you'd be cheering for Elle McPherson and Victoria's Secret models, then read this and you'll be convinced.
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Make way for the return of big gorgeous glamorous supermodels!

First, toothpick models were fired by the Italian Prada design house and replaced by Victoria's Secret Angels in a surprising last minute move, the night before the show on Feb. 24. Then influential designer Marc Jacobs, filled his trendsetting Louis Vuitton show in Paris, Mar. 10, with full-figured supermodels -- of all ages -- including Elle MacPherson, 47, new mom Karolina Kurkova, 26, (her little son is 4 months old), Sports Illustrated and Leonardo DiCaprio favorite, Bar Refaeli, 24, French actress/supermodel Laetitia Casta, 31, as well as voluptuous Victoria's Secret Angel Adriana Lima, 28.

As stunning as these women are, they've been pretty much banished from top designer runways in recent years -- they've been considered "too comercial" by snooty fashion insiders. In other words -- us regular women might like to actually look like them and wear the clothes that they're modeling.

That was a no-no for these fashion types.

Now what could account for the sudden re-appearance of "rounder" models as New York Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn, described them.

Could it be because sales of luxury goods, including fashion, have plunged in the past year? The Camera della Moda, the Italian fashion governing body, released figures showing that 2009 saw the most dramatic drop in sales in 20 years! Revenues were down 15%. Well, if that's what it took to get healthy-looking beauties cataclysmically back in style --so be it.

But it's good news for all us women.

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