Why The Right Pillow And Mattress Set Is Vital For Restful Sleep

Why The Right Pillow And Mattress Set Is Vital For Restful Sleep
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Most people will keep the same mattress for fifteen to twenty years without concerning themselves with buying a new one. Only 50% of women buy a mattress and pillow for the purposes of better sleep, with less than 40% of men doing so. Part of the reason for this is people find mattress shopping to be a nightmare. Some people also don’t understand why having the right pillow and mattress is important for better sleep.

You’re going to learn about why you need the right pillow and mattress set, and why the new GhostPillow is driving sleep technology forward.

Avoid Putting Pressure on the Wrong Parts of the Body

One of the biggest reasons why people don’t get restful sleep is because they wake up with aches and pains. A mattress and pillow combination can put pressure on the wrong parts of the body. You should never have the pressure shifted to your joints. Your body as a whole should be taking most of the strain.

And this is where memory foam came in. Originally invented for use by astronauts, memory foam molds itself to your body. It shifts your weight equally, so the pressure isn’t concentrated in any specific place.

Keeping Your Body at the Right Temperature

Those who live in warmer climates may have the problem of waking up at night covered in sweat. This is not only disruptive to sleep it’s unhygienic. Your sleeping environment needs to be cool and it needs to maintain its temperature through the night.

Most people will only be able to think of solutions like electric blankets, not using the covers and hot water bottles. These are accessories and they will only regulate your temperature until you fall asleep. They won’t stop you from waking up in the middle of the night.

However, the CEO of GhostBed, Marc Werner, says, “Aerated foam underneath the phase change material in a mattress can absorb heat and ensure you’ll never wake up hot and sweaty.”

Correct Alignment Will Cure Many Sleep Ailments

Do you know why some people wake up with headaches?

It’s nearly always because their head and neck wasn’t aligned correctly. Once again, this happens because of the wrong pillow and mattress combination. The only way to solve this is to make sure you’re choosing a pillow and mattress that’s concussive to proper alignment.

The Ten-Second Sleep Experience Isn’t Enough

People often refuse to shop for a mattress online because they don’t want to risk buying something that they can’t get a good sleep on. The problem is the other option of going to the store isn’t much better. Lying on a mattress for ten seconds is not enough to tell you whether it’s the right mattress for you. Add in the pressure of a salesperson following you around and you’re liable to make the wrong decision.

Werner believes GhostBed is signaling change with its new GhostPillow, “Many companies are looking to this company for inspiration because they have started to offer a 101-Night Sleep Trial. This gives customers the chance to buy the mattress, sleep on it, and if they don’t like it they can get a full refund and the company will pick the mattress up free of charge.”

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