Why The Spitzer Scandal Should Work For Obama

This delicious piece of trash reminds everybody of the yuck factor that haunts the Clinton Restoration movement. It's subliminal, but that could make it even better. Obama's awful challenge right now is to remind Democrats of how McCain will destroy the Clintons in the general election without having Obama sink to the level of Hillary's as far as I know knife thrust. Spitzer will remind everyone of Monica -- and all the others too. He will remind them of blow jobs in the White House. He will remind them of how Hillary was willing to destroy women her husband exploited in service of their weird life-long power pact.

Spitzer could do all this without Obama saying a word.

This is important because public memory is short and Democrats have been letting Hillary get away with jokes about evil men and earning wrinkles. Feminist Democrats have led the way. Imagine what, say, Gloria Steinem would have said if a Republican president were caught with DNA evidence on a White House intern's dress. And imagine the judgments that would have descended upon the wife who enabled him.

If the Clintons get the Democratic nomination this will all come roaring back -- and John McCain will win because the disgust factor, the sheer image of Big Dog Bill strutting around those private White House rooms, will cause the bile rise up in the national gizzard when November comes. It will keep millions of nauseated swing voters home and we will have a third Bush term. Plus.

Spitzer may make it easier for Obama to avoid getting down in the gutter with the Clintons on this decisive issue. May the scandal continue -- the more salacious details the better.