Why These Parents Brought Their Kids To The Polls On Election Day

These adorable kids were so proud to help their parents vote.

Election Day has finally arrived, and adult citizens across the nation are casting their votes for the next president of the United States.

But grown-ups aren’t the only ones at polls today. Many kids are proudly helping their parents exercise their right to vote, and many parents are showing their kids the power of democracy in action.

We asked the HuffPost Parents Facebook community to share photos of their kids at the polls and received a slew of adorable pictures, along with some truly inspiring captions.

From mothers and daughters hoping to elect the first woman president to new citizens exercising their right to vote for the very first time, these stories will make you proud to be an American.

Wanthani Briggs
We vote to make the future better than the past.
Jenna Hamill Flynn
Me and my 5-week-old daughter. This election has been triggering as a woman, but now having my first daughter has really given me a reason to advocate and vote for the sort of world I want/need her to grow up in. Teach your daughters to care less about fitting into glass slippers and more about shattering glass ceilings.
Jessica Turner Gonzalez
It was so important to me that my 4-year-old daughter was in the voting booth with me as a witness to this historical election. She will grow up knowing that she helped cast the ballot that elected our first female president It was a very special moment for this mom for sure.
Sydney Hutson
Put on my red lipstick, grabbed my best squad member and pushed the button together. Honored my privilege to vote by trusting my intuition, conscience and brain power. My 3-year-old is watching and taking notes. #raisingfeminists #hearmeroar #girlpower
Laura Ventura
Voted early. Took both of my girls to see me vote for the first female president of the United States. My oldest daughter was so excited to be there and feel that she was part of the process. I voted for the person I want to be the leader of their country during some of their most formative years. I want them to know that as Latinas they are loved and respected in THEIR country. #StrongerTogether
Katie Messier
Jenna Denton
We always take our girls to the polls every time we have voted. Our oldest will be 5 in February and I want to instill in her that it is her civic duty to vote. We explained the election process without telling her who we were choosing. I hope she grows up to be fiercely independent like her momma. I feel it is important to teach our children to take action and not to sit back and complain about things they can influence.
Niesha Jones

We took our girls to early vote with us on Halloween. Voting as a child is a learning moment for parents to show future, expected behavior. Whether or not the choices are the most ideal, a decision has to be made and you should always want to be a participant... win or lose. Someone fought and died for us to have a voice.
Jessica Lane
Here we are voting early this past Sunday. Showing my son the importance power of the vote. He's voted once in my belly, 2 times out. But this was his first presidential election. And I teared up. Our choices today impact our children tomorrow.
Alba M Cotto
This is Matthew. He was upset that we weren't able to go Thursday after school, so on Friday I picked him up and we went straight to our local library for early voting. He was a part of the whole thing and was happy and says he can't wait to vote.
Helen TejedaRamos
I brought my twin 3-year-old girls and my newborn baby boy to vote with me so that they understand that it is our duty as Americans to vote to make sure we protect our future.
Caryssa Dooley
My husband will be taking our 6-year-old with him today and I took our 4-year-old with me on Halloween to vote early. My girls know the importance of voting and how it is our right that many fought for to vote for what we believe in.
Rae Bailiff
Took my daughter so she could see the process and it gave me a good opportunity to explain to her why it's so important and such a big responsibility to vote. As we were getting back in the car to leave she asked, "Can we go someplace else to vote again?" lol
Vanessa Ramirez Pena
My birthday gift to Hillary was my vote. My 10- and 7-year-old know how important this election is and they helped me cast this historic vote. It was a happy day for us and one I'm sure they will always remember.
Megan Coe
I brought my 3 daughters with me when I voted early. Casting my vote for the first female president with my daughters by my side was an incredible feeling I'll never forget.
Erin Krueger
We voted because it's his country too. Habits are formed as children and I want him to be in the habit of participating in the political process.
Nikki Mihalkovitz

My six year old was so proud to help me vote today. She has been asking about it for a week. I cast my vote for her future and was happy that she got the chance to see me do it. 🇺🇸
Dee Eisner
Different from other posts, but proudly voted with my daughter and granddaughter last Saturday. Three generations. First time voting in a Presidential election for my 19-year-old granddaughter. This election is too important and I was never sure if my daughter thought her vote mattered. A memory and perhaps a new tradition.
Sarah Wilson Smoker
We're with her.
Elizabeth Bessette
My 9-year-old and I voted in Lebanon, CT this morning. This election was especially important to me as a woman as the mother of a biracial child and as the mother of a young boy who needs a positive role model in the White House.
Brittany Lowenstein

My daughter, Rose is 11 months old. She is a stroke survivor and neuroblastoma fighter. She wears my voting sticker, that I purposefully documented, to show her that any thing is possible. She fought to be here, stay here, and because we live in America, she can be anything she wants to be (even the future president). America is already great -- we have seen the goodness that abounds, kindness and love from even strangers. She will grow up knowing that.
Kelly Wilson Bossley
In Colorado, almost everyone is voting by mail-in ballot this year. I took our nearly 3-year-old twins with me to drop off my ballot so they could learn about our civic duty. We also happened to talk about how they were helping mommy make history by voting for the first female president. "Girls Can Be Anything" was my favorite book as a kid so I read it to them for the first time before dropping off our ballots. And made sure to dress Lydia in a Girls Can Do Anything shirt for the occasion.
CJ Geaux
Early voters. I've taken my twins to vote each November. Want them to know how important it is.
Kristen Anderson
I have taken the kids to vote with me every year since they were born and yes I vote every year -- local ballots matter, too. Even more excited to vote this year, lets make herstory! I love the Future Voter stickers they handed out to the kids.
Nancy DAddario Lane
I took my girls with me to vote today so they could see democracy in action. I want them to know that their voice matters, and that it's very important to participate in our government. Who knows maybe one day their names will be on the ballot!
Jackie Isaacs
Voted early in Indiana. I wanted to take my daughter to see me vote for a woman for the first time ever. It was a good platform to talk about women's rights equality in the workplace and what we should never take for granted.
Tabitha Nice
My daughter was more than excited to go along w me to vote. And i felt it was important enough for her to see me vote against hate. To quote her, "It's time the boys give us a chance. It's stupid only boys have been president."
Kandi KeeBey
My daughter insisted on going to vote with me today even though she's not feeling well!! We have to set an example.
Gabrielle Rystedt
My husband and I voted early in Maryland and brought our 21-month-old and 6-week-old along with us. We each wore a baby and waited for close to an hour with shockingly no meltdowns from the kids. We talked about the paintings of doggies and sailboats on the wall while we waited and when my children get older and ask us about this election we'll talk to them about the issues close to our hearts and the change we hope to effect in the world. Even though they're way too young to understand now the significance of this vote, one day they'll feel the impact of it.
Ash Ali
My 6 year old son is very fascinated by history-like crazy obsessed with presidents- he wanted to be apart of history when a woman was a choice as a president. And wanted to "see the setup" of the voting center 😂
Caroline Senkal
This is my early vote pic in MA. It was my first time ever voting for President as an American citizen. What an honor and privilege is to be able to vote. My youngest son was with me and he was patient and observant.
Sasha Muzzarelli
Took our 7-year-old early voting in Florida last Friday. We want her to appreciate how special the right is to vote and how historic it is to be able to cast our ballot for the first woman president. #imwithher
Amber Sones Creel
Although my 5-year-old wasn't thrilled when she figured out we were VOTING instead of what she heard me say which would've required life jackets and fishing poles, she now understands the process much better after going in person. There is no substitute for showing her how to do something rather than just telling her what it takes to get something accomplished and today she got to see hundreds of people exercising their rights. She also knows the difference between the words VOTING and BOATING so I feel like the experience was a win.
April Davenport
It's so important for my boys to see my husband and me voting for a strong woman and against a man who couldn't be a worse role model. We are raising our boys to understand their white privilege but use it to fight for rights of all people no matter gender or color of your skin or religious beliefs.
Jillian Waters
Dropping off our ballots early. #we'rewithher
Anibil Flores
I took my 9-month-old to vote early in Georgia. As I cast my vote for Hillary Clinton I cast it thinking of my children's future not only as Americans but as Latinos.
Dawn Solcher
Brought our twins to vote. We want to teach them the importance of voting and making sure their voice is heard. They are too young to vote and really understand but I want them to realize we shouldn't take our right to vote for granted. Up early to vote in CT!
Amy Odom
Voted early on 10/26/16 in Hartwell, GA. It was my son's first birthday. He happens to share a birthday with Hillary Clinton. This election is so important for so many reasons. I'm hopeful he'll grow up to be a loving, caring, and compassionate man who thinks for himself and respects others. Although he's young and won't remember that day, it was still a valuable lesson and I'm so glad we started his first birthday by completing such an important task. Happy Election Day! Go vote!
Nicole Lee
I allowed my daughter to hit the Cast Vote button. It allowed her to feel that she officially voted for Hillary. My daughter is very smart and observant. She has watched/listened to the commercials and debates and she wanted to vote for Hillary. I think it's pretty amazing a 5-year-old found importance in this process.
Chelsea Stockton
My husband and I brought our 7-week-old to vote early. This is our first election as parents and homeowners and we felt it was important to involve our whole family in voting. Our choices were and continue to be based on the community and world we want him to grow up in.
Emilie Kroner
Casting my critical Ohio vote with my 4-and 6-year-olds last week. Because I want them to know that they can be anything, even Madam President.
Megan Werely
My 11-year-old has followed this election with great interest and it boils down to a vote for humanity vs a vote for hatred. Today she helped me cast a vote to secure her future and assure her that there is no limit to her dreams. #girlpower
Tasha Lloyd
I brought my girls. I wanted my 7-year-old to see the importance of it.
Rebecca Pastore
My 3 young sons came with me today and it was truly meaningful for us. We had such a great discussion before, during and after and made them feel really important to be a part of it all. I focused on how lucky we are to use our voice and no matter what that we will accept the outcome and always try to make this country a better one. We spoke of the country's progress and how "mommies" and people of different skin colors couldn't always vote let alone run for office!! They soaked it all in and made me so proud. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Rebecca Pastore, Wilmington, NC with boys Kai (6) River (3) & Huntington (1)
Caren Fisher
I brought my son to the polls today bc our choices today will impact his future I want him to know his mother is a #nastywoman.
Jessica Acker
It's important for her not to feel intimidated by voting to know to do her part for this nation is simple and painless. To help SHARE her experience with her friends to hopefully plant seeds for those kids to ask their parents about voting and get them to polls too.
Nicki Otto Bell
All five of us went out to vote today. We want them to know their voice can be heard. But really they were in it for the sticker.
Ellen Gillenwater Everwine
We voted in our own interests for a super smart woman!!! (glass is all over the floor)
Rebecca Adams Gershowitz
This is the second presidential election I've taken Isaac with me to vote. The first he was just barely a month old. I want him to know this is something important we must do to support the country we live in and love.
Amy Coons
After a night of bedtime stories about the suffragettes and brave women that fought for the right to vote, I had tears in my eyes as I let my beautiful, brilliant, and independent daughter push the button to submit our vote for the nation's first female president. She's growing up in a time where she will KNOW she can be president and our vote was for all of the women before us who didn't get their chance.
Monica Michelle
My son has been following this every step of the way after becoming infatuated with Bernie Sanders and his ideals. Even though he's not the Democratic Nominee, we still voted with our hearts. 💚
Jenny Ball Tufford
My son's first time voting. He's a freshman in college and I've been dragging him and his three siblings to the polls with me since before he was born. Pretty cool to be with him as he cast his first vote.
Erin Bauer
I took my 7-year-old to early vote in Ohio. I let her push the HRC button because I know she'll always remember this day.
Meredith Napolitano
I've kept most of the negativity away from them, but I think it's important they see how the process works.

Our polling place doesn't give the kids stickers, but they did enjoy the bake sale/selfie station.
Jamie Lee Sanchez
I voted last Tuesday in Quincy Massachusetts with my 5-year-old daughter Mia.
Jamie Lee Sanchez
My 10-month-old Nathaniel came with us, too. This pic was when we got home tho.
Maura RobyKeogel
I took my 5-year-old daughter with me to vote in one of the most historic elections ever. Not just because it is for our country's first female president but to show her how one vote one voice can make a difference and empower her to achieve anything she puts her mind to and works hard to accomplish. One day she will look back and know she was a part of our nation's history.
Jesse BowersKasten
We voted early and I let him press the big, red CAST YOUR VOTE button. I explained to him how it's our right and civic duty to vote. He's looking forward to casting his first ballot in 8 more years. 😄🇺🇸
Amber Boykin
You see that handsome red headed boy has Autism. He saw Trump make fun of a person with a disability on our television and it hurt his feelings because he identifies as an individual with a disability. I have raised him to know what Autism is and to be proud to be differently abled. Before we went in the polling place, I told him today I am picking a president that will be the best for your future, one that will make the world a better place for people with disabilities, not one who will promote hate and ridicule of those individuals. People with disabilities matter. Their vote matters. I also made him promise me to always research every candidate in any election and to use his vote to make his life and the lives of others with disabilities better, whoever that candidate may be, no matter what political party they may be in. The thing that matters most is how will they create a better life for you and those you love. That's what it should come down to-not red or blue. With my hand over his, pressing the buttons, we made history together. #DisabilityVotes
Lisa Lawrence
I took my 8-year-old daughter with me because I wanted her to know the process and understand the importance of civic duty, I want it to be something she participates in without question. We talked about the right to vote, that we haven't always had the right to vote, and while voting is not the only action we take to change the world it is one we must take, the echoes of our past sound in our voices today. Also, STICKERS!!!
Setta Elizabeth Mushegian
I want my daughter to know that she should never take anything for granted. Wise wise women and men before us worked hard for us to be able to be able vote. Herstory is important. #imwithher
Crystal Grigway Panagiotopoulos
I want my kids to know we have a voice and the right and responsibility to exercise it appropriately.
Theresa Franklin Stevens
My 4-year-old was so excited to help me vote for our first female president but our polling place didn't have the "I voted" stickers. She said she's never voting again! This is the 4th time my 13-year-old has gone with me for a presidential vote.
Kristin Leah Orr
Full of emotion with my optimistic openhearted 10-year-old son who was eager to help make history.
Jennifer JonesWood
5-year-old Sullivan aka "Tiny Hillary" got to vote (with her mom) finally for her idol Hillary Clinton!
Sarah Wilson
I took my daughter to vote with me because I want her never take this right for granted.
Megan McCarthy
Voted for Hillary with my daughter in Indiana this morning. Eight years ago she rode in a pack on my chest and canvassed for Obama and today she helped me vote for the first female president!
Addie Nardi
Because she needs to know the importance of the voting, particularly this vote.
Allison Simmons
I wanted him to see his mother vote for a WOMAN for president. And I also explained why it was a big deal.
Krystle Stikeleather
We took our toddlers 1 year and 25 years old. He's the only one that would keep the sticker on.
Sarah Fairbanks
My husband teaching our oldest how to vote. Thankful for Colorado mail-in voting ballot and not having to deal with a polling place.
Brandy Lauderdale
It was so emotional educating my daughter of her future duty as an American citizen. It's important for the littles to grow up witnessing the process. It won't be long before she gets to make these choices for herself.
Andrea Skillicorn
My daughter and son will someday be able to say they went to vote not only for the first woman president but also to speak for the country we want to live in.
Rebecca Hancart
Bethany Sirt Allen
Harper Allen age 4 says "I'm with her" in Duxbury MA
Heather Holleman
Im with her for her.
Jennifer RobinsonButler
We have watched all of the debates together. They are Cub Scouts and we talk about how important it is to be informed and that it is your civic duty to vote.
Melissa Kay Kilgore
My daughter is 5 and there is just no way to express how important it is for her to actually see that a woman can be President. I can tell her a million times she can be anything she wants but when society sends her a totally different message she learns to believe that early on. I want her to live in a world that values her contributions and where gender equality is within her grasp. Our foremothers did not fight and die for us not to pass on to our girls how monumentous this election is. Her rights are too important for me not to start teaching her how hard those before us fought for her to have them.
Brandi M AltenhofenBischoff
We voted early in Georgia. It's important for children to learn the process of political science. With everything in life there are rules that must be followed. My oldest daughter (blue bow) originally wanted one candidate to win until she found out who her friend (sunglasses) wanted to win. The four of us had an in-depth conversation about what each candidate wanted to do for our country, weighed out the options and then made logical decisions. They were reassured that it was OK to have their own unique voices.
Lindsey Gilbert Polk
We voted early in Florida.
Jenaca Hobson
I take my kids with me to vote because I dont want voting to be a mysterious important thing adults do. I want them to see it as part of life and something we do as part of a community to make the world a little bit better. My daughter is furious with me in this photo because I talked up voting just a touch too much and she was very disgusted that I would not let her fill in the circles on my ballot.
Casey Rodrigue
These four blue dogs voted in Louisiana. I pray they'll be as enthusiastic about going to polls as adults as they were today.
Madeline Marie Hogarth
Took my 3-year-old son to vote with me. When I was growing up, no one in my family really modeled the importance of politics or voting. But after having my son I now see how important it is to vote especially in this election. So we woke up early this morning and voted together. He sat in the booth next to me with his sample ballot and pen and voted with me. I was incredibly proud and hope that he grows up knowing how important it is to be informed and to vote.
Emily Whitaker
I brought my 4-year-old with me to vote so she could have the experience and memories of being at the voting polls. It's important for her to learn every single vote counts. Girls votes count! Girls who vote rock!!
Michelle Nicholson
We voted as a group today. My twin girls, though disappointed they can't vote for me, are very excited to find out who the president is. They said they "don't care of its a boy or girl as long as they are nice." I hope they get their wish.
Lauren Strongin
I took my 6-yr old son and 9-yr old daughter with me to vote this morning because I wanted them to witness history and vote for the first female presidential candidate ever - and make sure they would remember this hopefully historic day. My daughter was nervous about being late to school due to the long line so she left early, but my son stuck it out for 1.5 hours and filled in the circle with our vote proudly.
Jennifer RosenHeinz
We had early voting in Wisconsin, so I already cast my ballot almost a month ago! I'm attaching the picture I took with my kids outside the polling place.
Maureen HilligasDees
I thought it was very important that my 7-year-old, Robert, see and be a part of the election this year! He had seen the commercials and watched me watch the debates and had formed his own opinion about the mean things that Donald Trump had said. We also attended a Hillary Clinton rally (yay for living in Iowa) and he wanted to go with to vote. He went with and sat on my lap and read the entire ballot and when we walked out he was greeted with smiles and high fives and an "I voted" sticker. It was a great experience for us!
Jacqueline Goldschneider
Attached is a picture of my children coming with me to vote. Here in New Jersey this is the closest I could get to the voting booths with a camera (though I did sneak a shot inside).
Gillian Frazier
I've brought my kids every year. It's important to me they are comfortable with the process long before they are old enough to participate. It's also to model an important value of mine ... vote. No matter what.
Anni Reinking
Check out our "I Voted" stickers. We voted early and took our son with us to show him the importance of voting. He goes with my parents to vote also. He may only be 7 but has been to the voting booths for various elections more than 7 times.
Jennifer White
Can't wait to show her what nasty women can grow up to become--President!
Emily Hunsaker
This isn't at the poll place but after for free "I voted" donuts. We wanted to them to see the process and know how important it is.
Elizabeth MacDonald Cotner
I brought all three of my daughters with me to vote, this morning; because when I tell them they can be anything when they grow up, I want them to *know* that this is true. And they each held on to my arm as I submitted my ballot. Because #herstory 🙌🙌🙌
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