Why This Gay Man With Cerebral Palsy Is Taking Off His Clothes

Ryan O'Connell shares "What's Underneath."

Ryan O'Connell, a writer known for his work in Thought Catalog, recently sat down with StyleLikeU to discuss the nuances of being a gay man who lives with cerebral palsy. His interview is part of a larger series called "What's Underneath," which looks at queer influencers and how their identity shapes their experiences as they take off their clothes to show that's it's who you are -- not what you wear -- that really matters.

O'Connell's interview covers a wide berth of subjects, including the tokenization of diversity in the media, the intersection of sexuality and disability and our culture's addiction to prescription pills, among other things.

“When I found out I was gay at 13, I thought: That’s a wrap on me," O'Connell says in the above video. "I never thought that I could get a boyfriend. I thought I was going to be single forever. My greatest accomplishment is that my boyfriend happened to me. You can get bad love anywhere. You can get bad love at the corner. But to let good love into your life, that is a different thing entirely."

Check out the video above to hear more from O'Connell.

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