Why This Liberal Was Impressed by Kasich

I didn't want to. I tried to resist. But, against my better angels, and against the advice of those who know how wound up I get, I watched last night's ten ring circus, a.k.a. the GOP Debate on Fox News. I'm actually glad I did, not for the opportunity to watch The Donald disgrace himself (which he did, quelle surprise), but because it restored my faith that the Moderate Republican species is not, in fact, extinct.

Ohio Governor John Kasich did his state proud last night, by actual answering the questions posed to him and by addressing his responses with succinct rubber-meets-the-road proposals. Setting aside whether or not the content of his replies had merit, compared to the bloviating, pontificating and occasional whining indulged in by the other candidates, Kasich emerged as a centrist with appeal across the political divide.

The Ohioan reminded me of the pre-Reagan era GOP, of the kind of leaders who inspired me to join the Young Republicans at then-staunchly liberal Loyola University in New Orleans. Of course, then Jerry Falwell and the ersatz Moral Majority went and ruined everything for the next three decades.

If Kasich can maintain this posture, I believe he can be a real contender for the White House. He resoundingly impressed my apolitical 23-year old nephew (a very key demographic). The only question is whether the GOP hardliners will ever be smart enough to nominate him. Let's face it, the Grand Anachronistic Party is otherwise in its death throes, especially if The Donald runs on the Trumplican Party ticket.