Why This Mom Swore Off Negative Self-Talk In Front Of Her Daughters

“Our daughters and our sons will see us loving ourselves fully and completely,"

Many of us have had the experience of responding badly to an unflattering photograph of ourselves. But for comedian and mom Anna Lind Thomas, that experience led to a permanent change in her parenting.

In a video uploaded to her comedy Facebook page, HahasforHoohas, Thomas says her toddler was playing with her phone and inadvertently took a photo of her, which Thomas then discovered.

“Have you ever seen a photo of yourself that’s so shocking you have an identity crisis?” she joked.

Thomas then began to loudly badmouth herself and make harsh jokes about her body and appearance in the photograph.

“I’m a humor writer, I am self-deprecating, and it is one thing when you are making jokes about yourself you don’t take too seriously. But there’s another when you’re really just disgusted with yourself,” the mom of two daughters explained.

While she was speaking, her husband, Rob, interrupted her and said, “Don’t ever talk about yourself like that in front of our girls again because they’re listening.” Her husband’s words, and the face of her daughter got through to her, and she decided then and there that she would only talk about herself with love in the future.

“It didn’t hit me until I looked at my daughter who was looking right at me while I said horrible things about myself,” Thomas says. She made a pact to change her behavior, and is inviting viewers to do the same.

“Our daughters and our sons will see us loving ourselves fully and completely,” she says.

Watch the video above to see Thomas tell her story.