Here's Why Tipping Should Be Banned Forever And Ever, According To CollegeHumor

Tipping at restaurants: It’s a fact of life for most Americans.

But comedian Adam Conover is here to tell you why tipping totally sucks and should be banned everywhere for the rest of time.

“Why is it our responsibility to pay the restaurant’s employees humanely?” he demands of a waitress in this CollegeHumor sketch. “Why don’t they just pay you a normal amount of money and make the food more expensive? I mean, that’s what every business has done since the dawn of time. When you buy a pair of jeans, they’re just 50 bucks. They’re not like, “That'll be $40 and you decide if the stock boy eats tonight!”

The new video is part of Conover's "Adam Ruins Everything" series. Previously, he's revealed why engagement rings are a scam and the real reason you're circumcised.

Watch Conover's latest offering above.



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