Tony Robbins Is My Guru and He Should Be Yours Too

I was already a fan of Tony Robbin's work, but this Birdseye view inside his seminar Date With Destiny was a deal clincher for me. He is a man put here to help change lives in big, big ways. "I am Not Your Guru" doesn't disappoint. So many takeaways and tears and moments of ah-ha. More importantly, so many lives saved and changed forever.

If I'm being totally honest, there was a time that I thought Tony Robbins was just another guy on TV selling a system, much like the ones that made promises of wealth and better bodies. I thought he was no different. Fast forward to about two years ago when I gave him another try and wow! I was blown away by his grit and truth and in your face love for humans. To say he is the real thing is not enough. This man, this vessel of hope, love and kindness is something that words cannot define.

Fair warning: Tony likes him an F-bomb. For those of you turned off by cursing, you will miss out on an amazing human doing amazing work if you don't watch because of that. At one point the film maker asks him about his colorful language. And what he said was that he uses it to shock. He doesn't do it to shock people per say, rather to shock the issue at hand and bring the real reason for people's pain to the surface.

Why is that important? Because when we are running in circles just surviving in this life, we need a shock to the system to show us that we are more than what we have resigned ourselves to. Sometimes that means another person, in your face (that you've paid by the way) telling you "fuck that". Your excuses and the lies you tell yourself are the reason you are not where you want to be. You might disagree with that last statement and especially if you have a strong reaction to it, ask yourself why.

When you tell yourself "that's not possible because (fill in the blank)", how has that ever benefited you to be better? When you say that you grew up poor, so you will always be poor, how has that helped you stay in poverty? When you tell yourself or others that this is who you are because this is the life you were born into. When you say you have no choice or no control over your destiny. All of it is a big, fat lie. More than circumstance, it's fear and doubt doing the talking. Well, fuck fear if you ever want to raise the standard of your life.

In his own words "We've raised the standard of caring. Those human beings will never be the same again."

If it takes a few F-bombs to get you to drop the bullshit and you shift into who you are meant to become, why would you deny yourself that powerful change? You deny yourself, not because Tony says fuck. You deny yourself because you are so comfortable hiding behind the wrong standard. You can say that you want to break through an upper limit or raise a standard all day long, but if you are not open to all of the ways that can happen, you are denying yourself in the biggest way.

You are not who you think you are - you're more. The things you think you don't deserve - you are worthy. The life you keep denying yourself - it's just one more lie in a stack of shoulds or should nots. If you ask Tony he will tell you to turn your shoulds into musts. Sounds oversimplified, right? It really isn't.

Shoulds are the things you think are expected because it would disappoint others or society at large. Shoulds are the things that have you going through the motions as opposed to actually living. Musts are your most compelling reasons that you can do, be and have a life of fulfillment and utter happiness.

Stop shoulding all over your life, goals and dreams. What must you do to raise the standard? What must you do to change the way you see a problem? What must you do to finally look fear in the face and call it by it's real name, liar?

I know it's hard to really take a dive deep and challenge the way you think about things, but you must seek out by any means necessary a shock to your system that rocks your very core. A shock so profound that you sit up and pay attention to your life in a different way. You must believe that you are capable, worthy and powerful.

Do not wait for inspiration. You must get off your ass and find it, because you run your life and not the other way around.

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