Why Travel is the Cure for the Hopeless Romantic in a Hook Up Generation

When a relationship ends for a hopeless romantic, it may seem like the world is ending, but what better way to solidify the fact that life goes on than by exploring everything that life has to offer?
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Just when I was almost convinced that there must be something wrong with me after ending yet another non-relationship because of a noncommittal guy, good ole' mom popped in with a meme that made everything make sense. It said, "Being a Hopeless Romantic in a Hook Up Generation is it's Own Special Kind of Hell". Thanks mom.


At first, I was shocked that my own mother sent me a meme about how impossible my dating life is. Then I was just confused about whether I should laugh or cry at the fact that no matter how tough and independent I try to be, I really am still a complete hopeless romantic, in an era where romance is basically dead. So much fail.

I basically have my head so high up in the clouds, that it might as well be up my ass, because I seriously think that one day Prince Charming is going to just come swoop me up on a white unicorn, with a bottle of wine and a one way ticket to accompany mine, when the majority of millennials are opting for open and unconventional relationships and focusing on a one way ticket in general.

True, my relationship goals are a bit unrealistic, and I'm likely doomed to be a cat lady unless I start practicing polygamy or whatever the hell sexual preference Miley Cyrus claims to be. But what I realized is that I've been feeling a lot less hopeless lately, because something else has been giving me hope; travel. It's proven to be the cure to my completely irrational and unrealistic dreams, and relationship goals as a hopeless romantic in a hook-up generation, here's why:

1. It Gives You a Damn Good Reason to Be Single

Hopeless romantics have a serious problem; they want this unicorn of a relationship, and will sometimes kind of create it in their head if it's not really happening in real life. I guess you could call that settling. But what that also means is that we become insanely committed, even if it's not the right person or situation, just because we believe so much in the fairytale ending. But when you travel, you realize that there's a whole Earth of potential suitors, and that it's almost better to not be tied down to a toad when there's a giant pond of frogs! Plus when your family asks if you've met anyone yet, you can laugh and say, "No sorry, I was busy traveling the world".

2. It's The Only Way to Have a Literal Fairytale Ending

As a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic, I would describe my ideal relationship to be one that starts at first sight, progresses over the course of a few days, and then ends happily ever after. Yes, that may seem a little unrealistic, but not when you meet someone while you're traveling! Have you ever had a travel crush? It's the best thing ever for a hopeless romantic because you fall fast, it feels like it's magical, and the ending is usually not detrimental because you probably need to get home anyway. The good news is that you get to keep the fairytale story!

3. It Fulfills the Feeling to Keep Searching

One of the best things about traveling for hopeless romantics is that it proves there is more to this world than just settling for whatever you're currently experiencing. The more-ness keeps on going and going, which means there's an endless amount of time, destinations, and possibilities to meet that one person who's going to end up making you feel like your life is a rom-com. If you don't find "the one" in Paris, maybe you'll find them in New Zealand, and if they aren't down under, than maybe you'll see them in South Africa. As long as you're traveling, you're technically "searching", and luckily that search usually discovers a whole world full of love.

4. It Keeps You Chasing Waterfalls

Have I ever mentioned that my hobby is chasing waterfalls? I say it metaphorically, literally, and because that TLC song is just so damn catchy and ironic. The metaphorical part is the chasing the dream part, and remaining hopeful that those dreams are possible. The literal part is that I actually do travel to see waterfalls; I've successfully chased waterfalls all over the world, which means I know my dreams can come true, which means as a hopeless romantic, the dream of finding this fairytale love situation has a chance of actually happening too.

5. It Gives You Proof that Life. Goes. On.

When a relationship ends for a hopeless romantic, it may seem like the world is ending, but what better way to solidify the fact that life goes on than by exploring everything that life has to offer? Travel will not only show you things like how good you actually have it, how caring and loving other people can be, but that anything you're hopeless about in the love department, can be uplifted with love you feel for yourself and from the world. If you feel like you're doomed because you can't seem to find a person who wants to commit the way you do, just remember that there's a whole lot of Earth out there that's already committed to loving you!

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