Why Trump Can't Stand Smart, Strong and Tough Women + Debate Tips for Hillary

Donald you have nothing to fear...
Except the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth,
So help you God...

And for what it's worth, I think God might take a "pass" on you.

But... psst, psst...

Something you can try with smart, strong and tough women is to demean, insult them and provoke them so much, that they lose their concentration and focus when it comes to the the three "truths" that happen every time you're dealing with one of them.

And of course Donald, you know what those three truths are:

  1. You know you're full of sh*t
  2. They know you're full of sh*t
  3. And you know that they know you're full of sh*t

Being full of sh*t is not a great place to be for someone like you who when it comes to the truth wouldn't know your ass from a hole in the wall.

Now some tips for you, Hillary, for those upcoming debates.

Because the three truths above will apply when you are dealing with Donald, always expect him to interrupt, provoke, grimace, make faces, etc. whenever the "sunlight that makes the greatest disinfectant" that Louis Brandeis describe is about to expose him.

Then say aloud to yourself in your head, "Hillary, opportunity for poise!"

Those times will be truly among your best opportunities for poise, because when Trump says one of his nasty comments the eyes of the world will rubberneck to see how you respond, because everyone is thinking they'd lose their cool if they were you. The more poise you show the more everyone's respect - including your own - will rise. The less poise you show and more you look as if he has successfully provoked you, the less respect people will feel towards you.

Key to this is watching your tone and finding just the right tone when you do verbally respond. A voice coach can help you with that.

Then when he makes one of those comments bent on triggering you, try any of the following:

  1. Remember exactly what you were saying at the time he interrupted you, even if you were in mid-sentence. Immediately look down not in disgust, but in a flat deadpan manner, allow him to go on and on until the moderator stops him, and then delete from your mind everything he said, and continue what you were saying from exactly the point you left off and with the exact inflection you had and beginning with, "As I was saying..." If he or the moderator (who might not be able to control him) interrupts you to respond to what he said, respond with, "I have learned that it is better and less exhausting when someone speaks disrespectfully to me or to the process we are following, to allow them to vent whatever they needed to, then delete completely what they said and continue where I was. Do you have an issue with that? And am I being disrespectful by doing that?" And when you say that look earnestly puzzled.
  2. Wait for him to finish whatever he is saying to provoke you and then summon up the ghosts of Scarlett O'Hara and Ronald Reagan by saying: "Oh fiddle dee dee Donald, there you go again!" Practice the tone to get it just right and it will make him nuts and cause him to say something to ridicule you at which point you can say, "My my, Donald, do I have to conjure up Scarlett O'Hara and Ronald Reagan yet again?"
  3. When he says something utterly ridiculous that is meant to bully you, provoke you and bowl you over, pause and then look to the moderator and say, "You know, my mind wandered during all of that, do you think we could ask Donald to repeat everything he just said?"
  4. If you want to appeal to the people from New York and New Jersey, you could respond with your best and most humorous, poking fun Tony Soprano voice, "Donald, to quote Tony Soprano, yougottabekidding!"

The key is to try to assume a position where you're having fun at his expense as Reagan did with Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale, which only served to make each of them look silly.