Why Unplugging and Recharging Will Help You Make More Money

One of the major reasons individuals and organizations fail to create sustainable wealth is that they haven't built rest, relaxation and recharging into their money strategy. Big mistake. Here's why.
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Let's be honest. Making money isn't easy. It takes passion, time and focus. Lots of it!

One of the major reasons individuals and organizations fail to create sustainable wealth is that they haven't built rest, relaxation and recharging into their money strategy. Big mistake. Here's why.

Have you ever had a great new idea when you felt exhausted, overwhelmed or stressed out (the normal state of well-being for most hard working people)?

I doubt it, because when the body, emotions, and spirit are in "coping" mode, forward-looking mental capabilities take a nose-dive. Innovation flies out the window. The pull toward equilibrium sets in, which is an animalistic instinct to stay in the place that you know (your comfort zone) because it feels safe, even if it doesn't help you earn more money, create more joy, or make your dreams come true.

Conversely, how many times have you solved a problem when you were in the shower? Gained a fresh perspective after meditating? Received a new idea after a three-mile run?

If you don't know this already, getting lots of exercise, creating a meditation practice, and treating yourself to more rest than you think you need are success strategies. With these three approaches consistently in place, your odds of making more money grows exponentially!

Here are four additional ways (TIPS) to unplug and recharge. They will fuel your money rocket with abundant gas:


Human beings are creatures of habit. Cool things happen when you change up your patterns. Disrupting your habits creates "white space" for something unexpected to happen.

Example: Every morning you get out of bed on the left side. For one week, get out of bed on the right side.

Example: Every morning you have coffee before you walk your dog. For one week, take the cup of joe with you.

Example: Every day at work you answer your emails before checking your phone messages. For one week, answer your phone messages before you do your email.


When you take your focus off your challenges, solutions can come through with more ease and grace.

Example: While I was reading the book The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo I had an incredible idea for a new business workshop about the power of commitment. This ideation was probably stimulated by the male protagonist in the novel and his relentless vow to protect a girl he'd just met, which in turn helped him solve a complex murder mystery. Ah....the power of commitment!


When you give of yourself to others, with no agenda other than to make their lives better, rewards of enormous value become yours.

There is sheer "magic" available in the volunteering process. Serving others is an instant way to reestablish your love for yourself. Self-love strengthens your ability to make "high self-esteem" choices. High self-esteem choices are a pathway to your wealth.

Example: You decide to do some volunteer teaching because our educational system is falling apart. The gratitude from the kids is huge. You leave the classroom feeling on top of the world. Suddenly, your phone rings. A client that was on the fence about your services has decided to commit. You are "pleasantly surprised."

Had you been sitting in your office, waiting for the phone to ring, it might have been a different result. You might have pushed back on your client, rather than allowing them the space to come to their own decision.


Laugh often, even if you feel like the world sucks, you can't get a break, and nothing you do seems to be working. Laughter alleviates stress faster than helicopters dropping water on a forest fire.

Retaining your sense of humor will help you convert any problem into a major win. I speak from experience. I have laughed my way through some of the toughest times in my life; financial downturns, health issues, and career challenges, to name a few!

"Couple of days ago in New Jersey, there were UFO sightings. Believe me, it's not an invasion. The aliens are actually here because they want some of that Federal bailout money" - David Letterman

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