Why We Need A Statesman Like Churchill

Never flinch, never weary, never despair.

Sir Winston Churchill

No man can be given as much credit for saving the modern free world as Sir Winston Churchill.

A book simply on his greatest quotes could fill a library. His words of wisdom, comfort and strength were the ultimate tools in defeating fascism, and spurred not only England, but all of the free world, especially the United States to battle evil.

What is especially important to note was that Churchill did not inspire because he was fearless, but rather because he was filled with fear.

Churchill was afraid. His fear reminded him of something outside the circumstances; something above them. He did what he did despite the fear, in mind of the thing above it.

Dr. Larry Arnn - Churchill's Trial

Dr. Larry Arnn, President of Hillsdale College and one of the great Churchill scholars, reminds us in his book, Churchill's Trial, how the greatest statesman of the twentieth century left us timeless wisdom to guide and shape our next century.

Dr. Arnn lets us know just how prescient the great Churchill was when he cites a speech Churchill gave in 1931 titled: Fifty Years Hence.

In the speech Sir Winston said that he knew our world would be dominated by television and wireless phones. He was not concerned about the future but wanted to remind all that:

... The moral philosophy and spiritual conceptions of men and nations should hold their own amid these formidable scientific evolutions... No material progress, even though it takes shapes we cannot now conceive, or however it may expand the faculties of man, can bring comfort to his soul.

In my conversation this week with Dr. Arnn about Winnie we probe deep into the spirit of the great Sir Winston and prove why, as Churchill so eloquently stated: "All wisdom is not new wisdom."

Enjoy the episode and have a great week,