Why We Struggle To Stay Committed

So, how can you stay committed to your projects, goals, and relationships with less struggle?
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Have you ever wanted to commit wholeheartedly to something that you knew would be great for you, whether a new diet, a passionate pursuit, or a more loving relationship? Yet discovered that invariably your will power wanes toward doubt until you eventually lose interest or give up?

It happens to the best of us. But it helps us to better understand what happens behind the scenes of the subconscious mind, in order for us to make the shifts that we want to create effective. When we recognize the unconscious beliefs we have adapted overtime, we can better understand the power we have in shifting them and creating our desired change.

What often occurs when we initiate dramatic shifts in our lives, is the automatic and unconscious replaying of old scripts from our subconscious minds.

What if I fail?Am I worthy? Am I good enough? Can I embrace a new me?

Do any of these sound familiar?

These negative thought patterns that arise usually invoke fear in us, because we are conditioned to believe in them, which mitigates our power to create happiness. It's not easy staying committed to our goals. Fear, doubt, and feelings of unworthiness often creep in and keep us from actualizing our dreams, so we remain stuck in our limiting patterns and habits.

But if we really want to make a positive change in our lives that we're able to stick to, then it requires investing energy into showing up for ourselves with love, compassion, and non-judgment each day, as best we can. Self-love is committing to yourself over and over and over again. Everyday we are given a new opportunity to choose love.

Although there is no single, magic formula to loving ourselves, there is this simple equation for the potential risk of not loving ourselves:

Not showing up for ourselves with Love = Life not showing up for oneself with Love.

So, how can you stay committed to your projects, goals, and relationships with less struggle?

Here are 6 Powerful Tips to helping you stay committed:

1. A daily meditation practice, prayer, and journaling will help you notice the thoughts and beliefs that limit you without succumbing to the fear of them.

2. Practice Mirror Work. Love on you in front of the mirror!

3. Seal the power of your goals and intentions by writing them in ink. Then break them down into smaller, obtainable steps that you can achieve daily.

4. Use powerful affirmations instead of negative self-talk. Celebrate when good things happen and tell yourself, "I deserve this!" Download my FREE 30-Day Guide.

5. Keep a gratitude journal and give thanks for everything that comes your way.

6. Make yourself accountable. That's what friends, mentors, and coaches are for! There's nothing like having a cheerleader to support, encourage, and inspire you. For information on coaching click here.

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