Why We Trolled Trump With Russian Flags At CPAC

Why We Trolled Trump With Russian Flags At CPAC
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Republicans proudly display Russian flags emblazoned with Trump while he speaks at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference near D.C. Get yours at www.TraitorTrumpFlags.com today!

Republicans proudly display Russian flags emblazoned with Trump while he speaks at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference near D.C. Get yours at www.TraitorTrumpFlags.com today!

New York Post

On Friday, we distributed nearly 1,000 Russian flags with Trump’s name on them to attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference near Washington, D.C. As you may have heard, it created quite a stir in the news and millions of people around the world soon wondered why the party of President Reagan was now worshiping at the altar of Russia’s Putin.

The reason we trolled Trump with these flags is to draw attention to the Russian interference in our most recent American election, helping to decide the outcome in favor of the Trump campaign. Working with a foreign power to undermine our free and fair elections is treason. Let’s be clear, Putin picked Trump because it’s good for Russia, not because he’s great for America.

For the Russians, among other things, controlling Trump is worth a $500 billion oil deal in the Arctic with Exxon Mobil, where our new Secretary of State was formerly CEO. This deal becomes viable once Secretary Rex Tillerson lifts the Western sanctions placed on Russian for the invasion of Crimea and Ukraine. When that day comes and the sanctions vanish into thin air, the emperor will have no clothes and we will surely know that Trump is Putin’s puppet.

For Trump, it’s all carrots and sticks. The “carrots” are likely the bankrolling of his business projects by Russian oligarchs and banks, which would be revealed in the release of his taxes and explains why he is so intent on keeping them secret. The “sticks” could be not having the Russian intelligence service release the ‘compromat’ that has been alleged the Russians have on him, which for all intents and purposes would make Trump a Russian intelligence asset inside the Oval Office.

The proof of this 21st Century Faustian bargain is revealed in his firing of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who was in contact with Russian officials prior to Inauguration, in violation of the Logan Act. You cannot conduct foreign policy as a private citizen - that’s illegal. If he is not guilty, why dismiss him? If he is guilty, why is he not in jail? Trump’s accomplices appear to be above the law, even when our national security is at stake.

To believe that all of this transpired without Trumps permission is to ignore the micromanagement style he has applied to all of his bankrupted businesses and now to a White House devolving into chaotic disorder with each passing day, as long as he remains at the helm. So the question is now: What did Trump know and when did he know it?

At this point, we should be calling him Benedict Donald, in reference to one of the USA’s first and most notorious traitors. If Hillary Clinton had done such dastardly deeds, surely Rep. Jason Chaffetz’s House Oversight Committee would be doggedly investigating, as he did so thoroughly with the Benghazi hearings. But so far, there is only treacherous silence and complicity emanating from the ranks of the Grand Old Party, who have so far decided loyalty to party trumps duty to country. The shelf-life of Republican patriotism is shockingly short.

Reagan must be spinning in his grave while the next generation of the GOP hands the White House off to the “Evil Empire.” Eisenhower didn’t defeat fascism around the world so that today’s conservatives could sell us out to foreign authoritarians. Lincoln didn’t save the union so that modern day Republicans could auction our nation’s future off to a foreign nation.

However, the good news is that the kids are alright. One of the most heartening things we learned at CPAC last week is that many young reasonable Republicans, anti-authoritarian libertarians, and principled conservatives and are appalled at Trump’s Russian connections. Many asked for Russian flags emblazoned with Trump, knowing our intent, because they agree that letting Putin pick our President is a fool’s bargain. Many of them share our desire to see this so-called President removed from office.

Hopefully, they can convince their elder analogues in the Republican Party within Congress to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia. We are confident that all patriotic Americans of goodwill will stand side-by-side when the evidence comes to light, clearly showing that Trump sold our country down the river for the modern day equivalent of 30 pieces of silver.

When that day comes, we will all agree that we must impeach Trump immediately, because he’s a traitor to the country that we love. The time has come for all Americans across the political spectrum to take action and resist the Trump regime every day and every step of the way. And it helps to have some fun while we’re at, so get your own flags here, because a resistance without the lulz is not a resistance worth having.

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