8 Reasons Why William and Kate Should Not Name Their Baby Girl Diana

Britain's Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, attend a show as they visit The Do
Britain's Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, attend a show as they visit The Door on December 9, 2014 in New York. The Door provides services to disadvantaged young people. (AP Photo/Kena Betancur, Pool)
  1. Children are not replicants. Naming people after relatives gives them a persona before developing their own. Both girls and boys need to have their own journey in life and that means creating the mystique associated with their names. Diana had many virtues and each and every one would be nearly impossible to emulate altogether. That's what made her so special.

  • Negative connotations. With the positive impressions of the "People's Princess" come the negative connotations. Princess Diana had a tumultuous relationship with Prince Charles as well as other important people in her life. A child does not need to come into the world with expectations to be unpredictable.
  • Need for anonymity. Although anonymity may not be attainable for a princess, she should have the opportunity to make reservations for dinner, hotels and school activities without the paparazzi waiting around the corner.
  • Role confusion. An image indelible in anyone of my generation's brain is the word "Mummy" on Diana's coffin. Written by Harry, it was his memorial to her. And Diana was just that: Harry and Williams's mother. Naming a daughter Diana would create a confusion so often developed when a child is named after a grandparent. We have visceral feelings about our parents and should not then project them onto our children.
  • A new type of monarchy should have a new type of name. The monarchy has started a new trend: Do the undoable. Charles and Diana were allowed to divorce and then Prince Charles was able to marry for love. This set a new trend for relationships among the royals. Hence, a new monarchy should promote new names. Examples of recent "royal" names include Arya, Sansa and Dani. How about Elsa and Anna? Perhaps we should get literal with names like Reigna and Reginald. We will stay away from names like Apple and Blue Ivy... We have to draw the line somewhere!
  • Diana is the name of the Roman Goddess of the moon and hunt. It is without question that the new princess will be adored as much as a goddess. However, it seems like the essence of Diana is more important than her name; hunting was a far cry from Diana's humanitarian efforts.
  • "It's not done." Except kings and queens, royal children have not yet been named on a first name basis with their parents or grandparents. It is far more common for names to be inherited in second or third (or even fourth) position. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip named their first-born son "Charles Philip Arthur George." So Charles' father's first name became his second. Confused yet?
  • It isn't "Windsor" enough. Some names are continually used among Windsor royals, including Louis, Elizabeth, and, yes, even George. So the toddler prince's name was not really quite a surprise when he graced the world with his charming smile and chubby cheeks. Other common Windsor names include:
  • Girl baby names: Beatrice, Mary, Eugenie, Victoria, Helena, Anne, Louise, Alice.
    Boy baby names: Charles, Philip, Arthur, Alexander, Henry, Charles, Albert, David, Christian, Edward, Anthony, Richard

    So now that we have all this information, what should William and Kate name their baby girl?

    My suggestions based on tradition*:

    Louisa Victoria
    Mary-Elizabeth Alice
    Marie Caroline
    Victoria Frances
    Elizabeth Leona
    Julia Marie

    *substitute Diana as any second or third name

    Suggestions based on trending baby names:

    Charlotte Amelia
    Chloe Elizabeth
    Adalyn Sophia
    Lily Caroline
    Emilia Violet
    Elsa Marie

    Suggestions based on popular baby names over the last 100 years:

    Mary Patricia
    Elizabeth Jennifer
    Linda Susanne
    Jessica Margaret
    Sarah Dorothy
    Linda Barbara

    Suggestions based on popular baby names over the last two years:

    Emma Sophia
    Emily Isabelle
    Mia Abigail
    Elizabeth Madison
    Olivia Ava

    So to summarize, what name is consistent among recommendations? Only the most obvious: Elizabeth, Prince William's grandmother and the last two great queens of England. My second traditional choice is Louisa, a female -- more trendy -- version of Louis, used in several royal names over the last century. My recommendation based on heart: Frances (Diana's middle name and Kate's grandfather's middle name (Francis). My recommendation based on trend and the new millennium? Adalyn.

    So Louisa Elizabeth Frances or Adalyn Diana Elizabeth, we will welcome you to the world with open arms. As we do your brother, we the world will love you no matter what. After all, as Shakespeare said, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet."

    Dr. Mallory Moss is a board-certified nurse practitioner in psychiatry and a founding partner of BabyNames.com. Since its launch in 1996, BabyNames.com has been heralded as one of the top parenting sites on the internet. Dr. Moss' passions lay in community-based mental health and destigmatizing mental health diagnoses. Dr. Moss was also the editor of the popular online parenting advice column, "Ask Grandma Maggie."

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