Why Women Should Stop Calling Themselves Old

Hey, female friends in their 30s, every time you call yourself ‘old,’ the patriarchy wins,” Rose Surnow, a Los Angeles–based writer for truTV’s 10 Things, said in a recent Facebook and Twitter post. She added a hashtag for emphasis: #‎Don’tBuckleToBullshit.

One hundred and two friends “liked” Surnow’s sentiment when it was on Facebook, probably because so many of them had heard it before: Young women in their 20s and 30s branding themselves, usually slamming themselves, as “old.” I see it all the time on Facebook—“Welp, I’m officially old” on a woman’s 25th birthday. I hear it from friends single and married, who have children and who do not, on the eve of 28ths and 30ths and 34ths. Of the latter, one friend joked, “I’m practically 35, which means I’m practically 40, which means I’m halfway to dead.”

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