Why Won't Fidget Spinners Just Die Already?

Fidget Spinners are about as original as the insane crazes of Yo-Yo’s, Pogs, or Pokemon cards. The plastic spinning device that emerged this summer is nothing more than an overpriced piece of plastic. We know they’re supposed to combat “fidgeting” but they really don’t do anything other than spin. And frankly we hope they spin straight into the fiery abyss of hell.

We’d like to be done with these spinning pieces of shit. They’re a weird phenomenon that doesn’t do anything and we’d like to see literally anything replace the fidget spinner fad (bring back Pokémon GO).

We don’t need to know if you spin bro, we don’t want to see your tricked out spinners and we don’t care about the difference between metal and plastic spinners. We just don’t.

Luckily, Michael McCrudden has united with us in the Fidget Spinner resistance. His newest video breaks down the fidget spinner fad after it was famous. By looking at the stagnation of the spinner, McCrudden breaks down the short history of the ridiculous fad. It’s not all fun and games either. The video shows that fidget spinners have infected YouTube, got stuck in people’s throats, and influenced porn searches.

While the toy is branded as relief from those suffering from ADHD, that research has been debunked. So, look, just watch McCrudden’s video and rally with us: Fidget Spinners need to die.

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