Why Work Life Balance Is Making You a Whackjob

I think if I hear the term "work/ life balance" one more time, I might puke. Those two words get bounced around more than Miley Cyrus' butt cheeks at a twerking contest (awesome visual, huh?!). Anyone with a business and a family and a real life know that work/ life balance doesn't exist.

It just doesn't.

I, of course, have used the term (as I'm sure you have) because everyone knows what you mean when you say it. But you're typically talking about the misery in trying to achieve it because it's an impossible feat and it's just sad. Really sad.

I was talking to a colleague about this very topic some time ago and she introduced me to a brilliant alternative that makes so much more damn sense -- it's called work/life INTEGRATION.

Ahh, now that feels better doesn't it?

Balance reminds me of that dude at the circus, trying to keep all of his plates spinning in the air at one time. It's terrifying to watch, because you're afraid that one or more will come crashing to the ground at any moment. It's more terrifying to try to live it.

Integration, to me, means your folding things into your day together, like ingredients in a recipe (I guess... I fucking hate to cook so I think that's how it goes?).

Sometimes you'll have more flour in the recipe (or work events), sometimes you'll have more nuts (duh... family stuff), but in the end, it all just kinda works out. There's no pressure for "balance"... or exact equal parts of ingredients, because no great recipe has a perfect balance of everything in it... like ever.

Life can be messy and cluttered and stupid some days and it can drive you fucking insane... let alone trying to BALANCE it all. That's like turning the oven up to 700 degrees and wondering why everything keeps burning.

Integration is the key.

Sometimes you're going to work your tail off for weeks on end when there's a big project or launch. Integrate some fun, some quality family time, some one on one partner time in there. Most importantly, integrate some "me" time in there. And know that balance will never happen and you'll never feel completely equal in all parts of your life because... well, it just doesn't work that way and you'll drive yourself batshit crazy trying to make it happen.

As long as you feel like your integrating those things that matter most to you as often as possible, you're fine.

P.S. I love Miley Cyrus

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