GIANT Yacht Doubles As An Island (IMAGES)

At the Abu Dhabi Yacht Show last week, design plans were unveiled for a so-called "moving island" yacht called the WHY 58x38. Price tag: $160 million.

The boat's specifications are impressive - at 190 feet long, guest areas reach 36,000 square feet. The three floors have space for 12 guests and 20 crew members, and the boat features a 426-feet long promenade, a spa, a library, a 'beach,' an 82-meter swimming pool, and a helipad.

The ship is a collaboration between Monaco-based yacht brand Wally and Parisian fashion empire Hermès, hence the "W" and "H" of the WHY. The boat is designed to be environmentally friendly, using far less fuel that other yachts of a similar size, in part thanks to wide use of solar panels on the ship.

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