Why You Don't Need Kitchen Cabinets

An understated solution that will elevate your kitchen space.
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Photography by Paul Costello

An understated solution that will elevate your kitchen space.

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

Culinary Comfort
An easily accessible spice rack is a must for home cooks. A set of floating shelves adjacent to the stove helps keep essentials at hand.

Photography by Annie Schlecter

Monotone Minimalism
A seamless transition in an all-white space, where shelves and their contents become an extension of the decor.

Photography by Paul Costello

Centered Ease
A free-hanging shelf, conveniently nestled between the stove and dining counterspace, becomes the ideal point of contact between two high-traffic areas.

Photography by Simon Upton

Shades of Gray
Elevate the depth of a space by combining similar elements with subtle color variations. Add character by pairing bold textures with soft lines and delicate dishware.

photography by ANNIE SCHLECHTER

Visually Heightened
When it comes to small spaces, it's all about making the most of every available square inch. A brightly painted set of floating shelves can hold just the same (if not more!) amount of items as a standard cabinet.

photography by PAUL COSTELLO

Light and Airy
In an open kitchen format, bulky cabinets can take away from the personality of the space. Opt for a hanging pot rack for storing cookware, keeping them accessible and visually appealing.

Photography by Laura Resen

Subtle Tones and Smooth Lines
Soft blue accents elevate the clean-cut aesthetic of this light-filled space. With a marble surface that extends beyond the countertops, elegant floating shelves contribute to the continuous flow of the space.