Why You Have Your Foot on the Brake

Why You Have Your Foot on the Brake
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What does it really mean to "have your foot on the brake"?

It means that at the same time you really WANT to change your life, reach your goals and fulfill your destiny, you're ALSO unconsciously doing habits that are preventing you from doing that very thing.

But why, then, would we have our foot on the brake in the first place?

Why Your Foot Is On The Brake

Your Why-Tos of Success are like the GAS PEDAL in your car -- the internal force that's driving you toward your destination.

Your Why-Not-Tos of Success are like the BRAKE -- the force that's stopping you or holding you back from reaching your destination.

In human terms, your destination is a GOAL.

A goal is simply a place you want to get to.

Whether it's to reach a new level of income, lose weight, find your soul mate, get your book published, start your own business, or increase your profits -- these are all GOALS.

But are your daily habits moving you toward your goals...

Or keeping you from reaching them?

Take Action Challenge:

Write three habits that are stopping your success. This is key to understanding where you have your foot on the brake.

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