Why You Might Be Scared Of Your Own Creative Thinking Potential And Why You Should Stop Blocking Your Strengths


I have been reading and listening to a lot of people these days expressing fear or avoidance when it comes to creative thinking time. Maybe you wish you had more inspiration or creative thoughts more often. Perhaps you are frustrated with your lack of creativity in general. Or maybe you don't think creative intention is worth the effort and wonder what the greater purpose is.

Creative thinking allows for other things in life and business to grow and expand. Take a look at the process and a few possible results below.


Creative thinking "time" is a starting point for more amazing things to enter into your life and business. The most essential ingredient for growing something is the seed, then of course you need water and probably some sunshine to let it grow. I believe most of us need more creative thinking because it's the beginning of many great ideas, moments and personal growth.

Don't underestimate the path to success when you start thinking creatively more often. Intentional brainstorming can lead to many great opportunities and epiphanies; you couldn't have guessed before you started. If you are in a state of indecision or maybe a slump in your life, creative thinking can bring it all into clarity for you. You will notice your priorities shifting and your outlook may even wake up a bit more, kind of like shaking some sense into your subconscious.

With clients and friends I always encourage creative expansion daily. Through all of life's changes and ups and downs, creative thinking can truly balance out a lot the waves. It's almost as if the time you put into creative reflection brings out a smoother clear and intentional plan without even trying too hard. I know what I am writing may sound kind of deep and weird but I am completely serious. I love dissecting the human process, the mind and how we work. Although we are all very different, we are also very much the same.

I believe children and adults can benefit greatly from creativity, on a life changing level. Creative thinking is another form of meditation and I feel it is also a way to tap into your intuition. If you are having a hard time deciding or knowing what to do about something, go sit in the corner and do something creative, you will see the results and get a sense of calm from the exercise.

I focus much of my extra time writing, designing, painting and creating eCourses on a very creative level. But I do it on purpose every single day, even if I don't feel like it. I try to see what will happen and what kind of guidance I can get from the simple act of tuning into my creative thoughts daily. I have found over the last 30 years of my life tuning in becomes easier and more effective. If you want to find more time for it, start including ten minutes a day into your life until it becomes a habit. I also wrote a short eBook called "Become a Creative Thinking Genius" with ten steps to help you tune into your creative thoughts more often. You can grab it here, click here before the price goes up.