Why You Might Want to Microwave Your Passport -- and Other Underreported Stories

Thanks to Foreign Policy for the international flavor of the Top Ten Stories You Missed in 2006, including the tidbit about the biometric passport with the easy-to-hack "security" chip that leaves the owners vulnerable to identity theft. So far, the only "solution" is to destroy the chip by zapping it.

That's just one of the gems. Also check out

* Why you should worry about dollar-dumping by the big-oil-power countries.
* Secret negotiations between Iran and Israel.
* US money going to the Taliban.
* The US rewarding India despite its help to Iran's nuclear program.
* Russia pushing the arms race in Latin America.
* An expansion of presidential power that makes it easier to declare martial law in an emergency. "Ostensibly, the move aims to streamline bureaucratic inefficiencies that left thousands of New Orleanians stranded last summer. Yet the Insurrection Act that existed when Katrina struck didn't actually hinder the president's ability to send federal troops. He simply chose not to."

And some good news: the gender gap is closing, with gains for girls around the world.

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