Why You Need a Life Vision


Knowing what you truly want and why you want it is a powerful engine and fuel for creating a life you absolutely love.

Whenever you get clear about whatever in your life and you know your strong reasons, the universe just provides all the experiences and people to get you there.

Having a vision for your life gives you focus. And a direction for your thoughts, actions and your energy to move to. You use your time and energy into things that matter to you because your focus and direction is aligned with your heart's desire and your soul's purpose, it is fueled by your heart and soul. It feels true to who you really are. It feels expansive, exciting. It brings you joy. It lifts you up. Because it is something you truly desire for your life.

Having a vision for your life you feel pulled to be your best self. You are drawn to expand, to grow, to learn, and also to raise your awareness. You become in charge of your life and you no longer, especially when you decide to commit to your vision you no longer live life passively. You choose to spend your time in alignment with your desires. Your life gets more and more meaning every day.


A life without vision, to paraphrase Bill Copeland, is a life running around and not achieving much. You might be occupied and busy with things, but with things that at your core don't feel like it is the thing you truly desire. And to quote Jim Rohn:

If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan.

You likely then help others build their dreams. Which might be alright, but how about building yours too. How about in building your dream and creating a life that feels true to you?

With love,

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