Why You Need To Do The Joe Jobs


We all have to do them - Joe jobs.

They're not fun, and definitely not glamorous, but the important thing is that you're willing to do them.

When my husband and I were building our house in Nova Scotia, and it came time to paint the interior I wanted to help because it's something that I am really good at. My husband said, "You don't need to help, it's OK - it's a messy, dirty job and we've got guys to do it. You can help if you want, but you don't have to."

I chose to help because, as we all know, many hands make for light work.

When I arrived on the job site a friend of ours was there with his 9-year old son. While our friend was helping us, his son took on the job of scraping drywall mud off of the floor and sweeping it all into little piles. Later on, when his Dad brought a shop-vac in, he went around the whole house and vacuumed up all of the piles of dirt he had created.

He was willing. That 9-year-old was at a dirty construction site and he stepped up to do one of the dirtiest jobs that needed to be done. He got filthy, and he was smiling the entire time - not a word of complaint, he was just happy to be helping.

This reminded me of when I was a little girl. Once a year, my Aunt would pay me $5 to take everything out of her kitchen cupboards, wipe the cupboards down, and then put everything back in a neat and tidy fashion. Also, my Uncle would pay me $5 to shovel his driveway. I was a little girl shovelling yucky, cold, wet, snow for $5. But, I was willing and I wanted to make money.
I was willing to do the job because my mom taught me that I'm not too good for hard work. And, there is no shame in working hard.

As new business owners, everyone wants to be wildly successful and well known right off the bat. But it doesn't work that way. You've got to put in the hard work - those Joe jobs are necessary for business success.

Why is it that we think entrepreneurship is glamorous?

What I see all too often is that we are not willing to show up and do the hard work it takes for business success. We are not willing to make the calls to get more sales. We are not willing to take risks and put ourselves out there because we're afraid that we might fail.

So, my question for you is, are you willing?

Are you willing to do the really hard work that it takes to be crazy successful?

Leave me a comment and let me know what Joe jobs you did to be where you are today.