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Why You Need To Forgive In Order To Move On And Be Happy

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Often times in relationships and/or friendships, the goal after a breakup is revenge. Lately I have found myself wishing the worst for a certain person who treated me poorly. I've used the term "karma" to help me find a sense of peace towards the situation, hoping this person will suffer the consequences for hurting my heart. That is, until I realized that spending my time wanting revenge against this person is only stooping me to a lower level. Maybe karma will get that person back one day, but that shouldn't be something I hope for.

It is time to stop focusing on them and begin focusing on yourself. Focusing on your own goals and what makes you happy is a healthier, more beneficial way of moving forward... much healthier than wishing the worst for a person who has done you wrong. The fact is, this person no longer deserves to be a part of your life, or to even be on your mind.

Let go. As hard as it is, do it.

There is nothing that is more unhealthy for the soul than letting anger add up to the point that it overpowers the love inside of you. These negative thoughts and emotions are only turning you into a more angry person. That isn't who you are. You can't hold these emotions on your shoulders forever.

How do we do this? How do we not let someone else's actions get the best of us? How do we not hope and pray that karma will eventually bite them back? The answer is forgiveness. Not for them, but for you. This is a gift that you deserve to give set you free from anger, sadness, and resentment.

This person may never know that you forgave them, but it won't matter - let this forgiveness be for you, not for the person you are forgiving.

Once you forgive, you begin to look forward. You begin to find your true self again. The person full of love and happiness, and no longer the person filled with hostility. More importantly, you begin to let go, finding your inner peace. Remember that everything happens for a reason and that every bump in the road is just the universe turning you into the (good) person that you are today.

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