Why You Need to Stop Listening to the Bitch in Your Head

You're ready for your break though moment. You want it bad.

But...you think that you're not where you think you're supposed to be.

You're wondering how other people do it and why the hell you can't. (Hey there, shiny objects and com-pare-itis) Comparing your middle or beginning to someone else's end point will kill your goals, by the way.

You are feeling a little (or a lot even) out of control, as if you can't find your footing. Some people call that "blocked" or "stuck" or my favorite - "failure".

Your inner critic is reinforcing all of this...and you are listening to her. All the damn time.

You've tried a million times to stop her. You've tried ignoring her even and still, that voice in your head finds a way to creep up on you. You know the voice - it's you but it's not you and sometimes you agree with it. What a bitch, right?

She can't help herself. Really, she can't. It's her job to call you names and point out your flaws. She thrives on giving you toxic advice and placing sabotaging thoughts loudly in your consciousness.

Big or small she likes reinforcing doubt and lies and negativity, all the while smugly staring you down like a damn reject.

That bitch knows that you are struggling to know your value as a woman in life or business - letting fear, indecision and uncertainty take control. She also knows that you're probably living by someone else's rules or "system" {and feeling inferior because of it}.

It's cool if you've listened to her. It's even okay if you took her advice in the past.

But, please stop. If you keep believing her, well, now you're just standing in your own way.

She's a liar. She counts on shaming you and showing you every possibility of "why not". She tells you that you're stuck or stupid or not worthy. And why wouldn't she? You've let her get away with it for a damn lifetime already.

You're not stuck or blocked by some third party or circumstance. I don't give a shit what anyone has told you.You are chasing your tail because you either don't know yourself or believe enough in your ability to get what you want.

The truth is, you are capable and limitless and unstoppable, but the bitch in your head rears her ugly head to protect you when fear or anxiety comes up around things she considers a risk.

This is why it is so very important to empathize with her and understand her for what she really and truly is: a relentless, misguided protector. She means well, but she is merely past fears, old patterns and excuses, shitty relationship experiences and a crap ton of what you've been spoon fed since birth.

When you become mindful of how you relate to her and stop looking outside of you for approval, validation and purpose, you can create a massive shift in perspective. You can spot her lies a mile away and head off her bullshit like a boss.

Here's the scary part. Dun. Duh. Duhhhh. You have to identify your true desires first - not the shit you're "supposed" to want. Then, you can create strategy and intentions that meet you where you're at, and also propel you to where you're going, so you can focus on building (and finally living) the life you desire.

Truthfully: you have absolute control over this. It takes practice, but by taking back your thoughts you take back your personal power.

And the result? Instead of letting that bitch run the show, you will gain confidence that every answer you need within you instead.

Thanks for reading! I'm Lisa Schmidt, a No BS Coach for Women, word nerd, mom and creator of Uncomfortable Conversations. Let's connect. Drop a comment below, find me on Facebook or grab this awesomeness: Understanding Your Inner Critic, my free download that will help you to unsubscribe from all of the shoulds, dont's, cant's and told you so's you tell yourself.