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Why You Should Be Asking What’s Really In Your Favorite Foods

Why You Should Be Asking What’s Really In Your Favorite Foods
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Did you know that when you order something as simple as an egg, you could instead be getting much more than just a whole egg? Believe it or not, in the United States, there is no government definition of what an egg actually is. This means that restaurants can serve “eggs” that are filled with artificial additives.

Fortunately, companies in the food industry are making the ingredients that go into their products more transparent. This way, when you order something you think is nutritious and simply prepared, you’ll be able to tell if it really is or not. A lot of restaurants around the country are sharing the required nutrition information through things like in-store menus that list calorie counts, and new informative labels that include added sugar. Many are opting for simpler, less processed ingredients that consumers can actually understand, as well.

Watch the video above, created in partnership with Panera, alongside enthusiast Hannah Hart, to learn how farmers like Jose “Luis” Jaime, owner and operator of JF Organic Farms, produce a great-tasting egg, without all the additives.

Panera Bread has been a leader in the food and drink transparency movement and aims to keep their customers informed by not only serving clean ingredients but also providing full nutrition information including ingredient statements throughout the guest experience. To see how others are improving the way we eat, check out Food Interrupted, a six-part series by Panera, produced in partnership with Rainn Wilson’s SoulPancake and ACE Content, that sheds light on these hardworking chefs, tastemakers and community heroes who are helping to change America’s food system.


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