Why You Should Be Best Friends With Your RA

Why You Should Be Best Friends With Your RA
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Madeleine Winterich (UCSB ‘19)

Most incoming college freshies hate the idea of having an RA. I mean, we came to college to do whatever the hell we want, right? Not to get assigned some makeshift parent to watch our every move.

Well, you naive little bunnies, that’s not what they’re there for, and their goal isn’t to make you hate them. In fact, your life will be way easier and so much more fun if you become friends with your RA! Here’s a few reasons why being besties with your RA is actually the bomb.

They’re like a parent

Except for the making you do chores and not letting you go out part (love you, Mom). They’re a parent in the good way, as in they’re there to let you grow and experience college life, but when you do need them for something they are always right around the corner wanting to help. They aren’t there to make you clean your room and bother you about how much you go out.

They know college life better than you

Even if they’ve only been there for a year, your RA is going to know much more than you. Be besties with your RA so you can get first-hand tips on the best places to study and what foods you can actually get away with stealing from the dining halls. They are smarter than you. Trust it, accept it, use it.

They always have good advice

The beginning of my freshman year was pretty rough (actually it was my whole freshman year haha please help) and my RA made my life a lot easier. She happened to be going through a similar problem that I was at the time (boys are stupid) and gave amazing advice.

Even if you and your RA are similar in age, one year of college can really bring about different perspectives, and she helped me learn how to deal with my problems in a more carefully thought out way.

Even if sometimes you have trouble taking their advice, they are always going to be there to listen to you complain about stupid boys and how you hate paying for laundry.

You’re like their little baby birds

Your RAs treasure you as much as you treasure them. You’re basically like their helpless, college-sized babies. They are going to pick you up when you fall on your face so why not let them? Trust in their ability to help you out when you need it. They are there for a reason.

They genuinely want to be there for you

Your RA went through A LOT to get this job! It is not easy to become an RA, and they stuck with the process and worked hard to make sure they could be there for you. Therefore, they obviously want to help and guide you when you need it! I mean think about it: they gave up living with their friends so they can live in a dorm full of newbies.

I mean, freshman dorms can be straight up hell sometimes, so show some love for your RA because he/she is the real homie, especially when they pretend that they don’t notice the strong smell of weed coming from #6226.

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