Why You Should Be Decorating With Bright Colors

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photography by BRITTANY AMBRIDGE

Is your space feeling a bit drab? We've got just what you need for an instant uplift.

photography by JAMES MERRELL

skip the wall paint
Can't commit to a bold wall color? Designate an eye-catching hue to a few key pieces and the focus of the space will instantly be diverted.

photograhy by ANNIE SCHLECHTER

experiment with colors
Don't be afraid to utilize more than one bold shade. When in doubt, stick to the primary color wheel for reference.

photography by ANNIE SCHLECHTER

go for green
You've been toying around with the idea of a bright wall - and it's finally time to take the plunge! A vibrant hue sets the scene in this modern kitchen space.

photography by STRECKER KIRSTEN

test it out
Can't decide how you feel about a certain shade? Start out slowly by integrating one or two color pieces within the decor, gradually building on with time. If you like what you see, go for the whole room!

photography by JAMES MERRELL

stick with whites
A strictly contemporary setting with uniform details often results in a lackluster space. Bring life to the decor by opting for brightly-colored furniture and accessories in complentary tones.

photography by STAFF

on the grid
No space is exempt from a little color-treatment - garages included. Lighten up the space with a colorful peg board, that's both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

photography by JUSTIN BERNHAUT

embrace prints
A bold hit of color - regardless of the source - can effortlessly complement a monochrome scheme.

photography by DOUGLAS FRIEDMAN

choose subtle undertones
We love a good white-washed space, especially when it's elevated by a daring color accent.

Identify a common chard from an accent piece, and incorporate it within select, key decor elements.

photography by DAVID MEREDITH

find the right hue
Experiment with various shades, noting the differences between each alternative and their effect on the ambience of the decor.