Why You Should Be Dressing For You Every Single Day

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Like many of you, I’m not a morning person. I hit the snooze button for probably a solid thirty minutes before I drag myself out of bed, attempt to do some yoga and then crawl into the shower where I spend another thirty minutes attempting to become conscious. I bless the ground of the person who founded coffee because you are literally keeping me alive today, so you can just imagine what I look like most days when I walk into work with half a face of makeup and my hair still soaking wet. There are those days though that I attempt to make an effort and look nice for work, which begs the question from all my coworkers, “Why?”

“Why are you all dressed up today?”, “Did you actually put makeup on or do you have a black eye?”, “Do I have a hot date tonight?”, “Are you dressing up for me?”, “Fancy plans this evening?”, “Trying to impress the man at the frozen yogurt place to give you a discount?” The question is always, “No, I just do it for me. I felt like looking nice today”, followed by a long, weird gaze and the “Oh okay I see how it is, you just don’t want to tell me.” Why can’t someone just want to look nice for themselves?

I like to wear dresses. I know that is making the male readers want to click off of this blog right away, but bear with me. I like to play dress up and look nice once in awhile. Most of the time I have nowhere to go in particular other than to work, but sometimes it just feels nice to dress up and to feel good about myself. Plus let’s face it, I don’t like to wear pants. They are uncomfortable and my muffin top protrudes from them, so I avoid wearing them at all costs. Except for yoga pants. God bless the inventor of yoga pants! Sorry fellas, we won in that department. This just makes me question though, why is it weird to just want to look good for you and you alone?

I heard this saying the other day, “The way we dress affects the way we think, the way we feel, the way we act & the way others react to us.“ To me, when I dress up or actually make the effort to look nice for work, I feel good about myself. I feel confident and as if I can take on the world, no matter what the world has to throw at me. I don’t need a reason or a person to look good, I just want to have a good day and feel good about myself.

Lesson to be learned: Dress in a way that makes you happy! It doesn’t matter what anyone things, as long as you feel confident about it! And abide by the laws, because you know, you just can’t walk around with no pants on. It shouldn’t matter what people think or if they are going to question it, as long as you feel good about your choices and the way that you feel.

Originally written by Kristen Buccigrossi on Unwritten