Why You Should Be Using VoIP Technology for Your Business

Why You Should Be Using VoIP Technology for Your Business
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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology is a type of Internet telephone that has been in use for about a decade now, yet it remains a major communications trend. If your business has still yet to consider adopting it, you are missing out. Studies have shown that it has the capacity to increase the productivity of a business many times over.

Nextiva is a business that has successfully convinced hundreds of thousands of businesses why they need to install VoIP technology in their offices. They do this by providing Nextiva Analytics for business intelligence which improves business processes and increases profitability. They are a premium provider of this product, and they have specialized in turning businesses around through using it.

So why should VoIP technology form part of your business?

Make Faster, Better Business Decisions

VoIP is as different from using a typical telephone as point-of-sale (POS) systems are to using an old-fashioned calculator. Through being able to visualize your data in real time, what is working and what is not becomes obvious. Businesses can easily analyze where employee time is being wasted and make the decision to redirect that time to activities generating the most income.

See data on every call throughout your entire organization or drill down to a specific department or individual. Instantly:
•View call activity segmented to location, call group, user or phone number
•Create customer reports on the fly or sent automatically
•Build custom dashboards to keep your most important reports organized
•Make business decisions based on historical data
•Display customized Wallboards to motivate your team through competition

By having real-time data on how your employees respond to your customers and utilize their time, businesses can predict future outcomes and gain a competitive advantage.

More Flexibility, Better Mobility

Internet telephones can do a lot for your company when it comes to increasing your flexibility and mobility. To begin with, VoIP is so much more than an Internet telephone system. It integrates itself with all major software programs, along with email, e-faxing, and remote video conferencing.

Since your employees may be busy at the same time as taking a call, VoIP is perfect because you can use an adapter from anywhere. You could be collaborating on Google Documents while talking online over the phone at the same time. And as long as a venue has an Internet connection you can operate from absolutely anywhere.

For example, you could be at a sales conference and as long as the conference room has Wi-Fi you can speak as if you were calling from your office phone network. Anyone who is always on the move or a company employing remote workers will find this to be a great advantage.

Reduced Costs

Nextiva bundles many of its business cloud and Internet services in order to provide lower prices for its customers. In general, the costs of VoIP are far lower than traditional telephones, especially when bundled. Landlines offer fewer advantages and they cost more, so many companies are rightly asking the question why they should ever waste their time with traditional landlines.

Enhanced Productivity

One area that is essential is productivity. This is where VoIP really comes into its own. Customers can increase productivity across their organizations, regardless of the niches they operate in. The differences are quite incredible because employees are now able to multi-task without interruption.

The change is subtle but significant. Instead of picking up a phone, an employee can press a hot key on the keyboard to answer the call. At the same time, they can continue with their tasks. These seconds and minutes really add up over the course of the working year to translate into hours and days.

As part of their bundled services, Nextiva offers a VoIP cloud service that allows customers to attach documents, conduct virtual business conferences, and send data through video conferencing technology. Voice clarity has been increased, so it sounds as if you are in the room with that person.

Easy to Get Up and Running

The biggest benefit of all is the fact that VoIP is easy to install and requires no technical expertise. Ensure the VoIP solution you choose gives all its clients a full briefing for how to go about installing and maintaining the system. It is far easier to do than installing a traditional telephone line.

As long as you already have a reliable Internet connection, there is no need to install any additional hardware. Furthermore, the scalability of such a system is incredible. With a simple upgrade package, a VoIP system can be scaled up or down.

And it goes further than that because there is no requirement to have any form of the in-house technical team. The responsibility is on the provider to handle everything. That means if your system goes down, a provider like Nextiva is entirely responsible for getting it up and running again. The low-maintenance benefits of VoIP make it the perfect option for any business.

It Should Be Necessary

Businesses have so much additional functionality when they decide to take advantage of VoIP. This should be considered urgent for any company that has yet to install it because technology drives business. The fact is that so many companies are missing out, upgrading your connectivity can be a major competitive advantage. Once installed, they can go even further because they can install Wi-Fi throughout their various venues in order to increase usability.

Will your business be using VoIP today?

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