7 Reasons You Should Date a Girl Who Travels

Dating someone who loves to travel could can be a rewarding experience. People who travel are open-minded and often live with their heart wide open, which makes for great conversation and enthusiastic relationships.
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Several years ago, I was sitting in my cubicle at work, as the coworker who sat beside me tacked up a new photo of his fiancé. He looked over at me and said, "Did you ever notice what people put on their desk is a representation of what they care most about in the world." I smiled nervously as I looked around the rest of the office. I saw glossy photos of chubby babies, wedding photos, and lovers embracing each other with giant love-struck grins.

I looked back at my desk and there were no photos of people, but rather places; postcards from far-off lands I dreamed of going. My bucket list was proudly displayed like a collage and vision board of dreams in my tiny cubicle. I looked at my coworker and asked, well what does my cubicle say about me? He matter-of-factly responded, "You want to escape!"

I didn't know until that moment that my outer world was reflecting my inner most desire: to travel, go explore and see the world. I felt trapped in corporate, like a caged animal desperate to break free. I made a choice that day. To actively take steps to create the life I really desired. Which meant hanging up my corporate title and pulling out my passport.

Over the past several years I've been living my dream life: travel writing, writing books and articles about my journey, and exploring life. This isn't just my career, it is my life, so where does that leave romantic relationships?

Dating someone who loves to travel could can be a rewarding experience. People who travel are open-minded and often live with their heart wide open, which makes for great conversation and enthusiastic relationships.


Here are 7 other reasons you should date a girl who travels.

1. She wants you to be true to your heart.
Women who love to travel follow their heart, and it is a requirement for their partners to do the same. If you have a dream tucked inside of yourself, she will help you see that dream into reality.

2. She plays on purpose.
The women who travel will seek out adventure and playtime. When she's not traveling, this means finding spontaneous bursts of joy in the moment. It could be a flirty food fight in the kitchen, or a make out session on the hiking trails. Playtime is essential for the woman who loves to travel and she knows that it is the best ingredient for a solid relationship as well.

3. She lives for the moment but plans for the future.
The woman who loves to travel will embrace every moment she has to make each second count. She is spontaneous, adventurous, passionate, and excited about life, but that doesn't mean she is irresponsible or a slacker. In order for her to get her travel fix she knows she must plan for the future. She is wise with her money, spending it on experiences instead of things.

4. She's incredible easy to talk to.
If you are invited into a wanderlusters world, you will have endless hours of rewarding conversation. The woman who loves to travel is compassionate, open, and honest; and she loves learning about you. The more you open up to her the more she will listen and be there for you.

5. You'll never get bored.
The women who love to travel will keep you on your toes. She may change her mind often but that means she is embracing each moment. She will share stories from her life that will inspire you to take on the world and follow your heart too.

6. She sees the beauty in the simple things.
The woman who loves to travel will stop to smell the flowers. She will point out the shapes in the clouds and ask you what you see. She will take the time to carve out special moments in each day for you to be present with her. She loves life and has learned how to see the beauty in every part of it.

7. She's generally drama-free.
For the most part the woman who loves to travel has calmed down but and is less frantic when it comes to relationship woes. She tends to roll with the adventure and take things as the come. Her laid-back attitude is not to be mistaken for complacent, but rather an inner knowing that life is short and there is no need to sweat the tiny details that will one day not matter. She will opt to play with the world and you are invited to come along.

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