Why You Should Drink Milk Before A Road Trip

Why You Should Drink Milk Before A Road Trip
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Anyone who has a small bladder knows to think twice before downing a Big Gulp during a road trip. Traffic jams, questionably hygienic rest stop bathrooms or, worse, miles of open road with no civilization in sight are all high-risk situations. So instead, you find yourself dehydrated, which also sucks. Good news, there is a solution.

Good news: Recent studies have shown that knocking back a cold glass of milk could be the answer to all of your pee-related struggles.

Why? It’s chock-full of nutrients and electrolytes like potassium, which not only keep you hydrated but also take longer for your body to process so you buy some time between bathroom breaks. Just sip on one percent or skim if you’re worried about the cals.


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