Why You Should Embrace 'Slow Sex' (WATCH)


Some recent, and rather alarming, research suggested that a full 20 percent of millennials interrupt sex to pick up their phones. This is exactly why, in the opinion of "slow movement" ambassador Carl Honoré, we need a movement calling for slow sex.

Honoré, author of the 2013 guide to slow movement philosophy, The Slow Fix, elaborated on why we need to change the way we have sex during a HuffPost Live segment on Friday with host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani.

"This virus of hurry has even infected the way we make love," Honoré told HuffPost Live. "Even in the bedroom, it's become, 'On your marks, get set, go! Get it done, get it done fast.'"

Honoré argues that deeper connections between two people can develop when we slow down and take time to be with one another with rushing or interruptions.

Watch Honore discuss the slow sex movement in the video above, and click here to check out more form Honore's interview.

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