Why You Should Get Excited!


To feel inspired, excited and enthusiastic about life you have to let yourself feel inspired, excited and enthusiastic. You have to vanquish the fear and doubt you've been led to believe is the way to think and behave. It's okay to let yourself be moved by the energy emerging within you!

I woke up this morning with an overwhelming feeling of goodness, of inspiration about my life and my place in it, of how the Universe is conspiring on my behalf. I could've moved on with my normal routine but instead I slowed down and acknowledged the feeling and allowed myself to be lifted up by it. I gave it permission to light a fire in me and decided to speak up about it instead of throwing a damp cloth over it.

It would've been easy to toss that cloth. So many reasons the world's a mess. So many horrible things to pay attention to. Yet here was this other feeling wanting my attention. It was my choice. I could fall back into doubt and fear and act from my old, conditioned beliefs (it's not right to focus on the good stuff when there's so much bad stuff out there), or I could stand inside of the moment and allow myself to be moved by the love energy coming through.

I chose love. And it's always my choice.

You might vibe with my victim story: a childhood of trauma where people made me fear for my little life and in doing so, set me up to think, believe and act in ways that kept me safe. What did I believe? It's safer to be quiet. Perfect means being a good girl, not rocking the boat and not being too excited about anything. I only matter if I'm perfect.

There came a moment in my recent past when the light bulb of understanding was so bright my life changed. I got that I wasn't that story anymore. More importantly, I was tired of telling that story and more interested in expressing the me that was beating on the door of my soul to get out. I felt myself move away from the old me and into the new one. Freedom.

And I finally started letting myself get excited. Like really excited.

It was like my body-mind-soul opened up a door to infinite energy and enthusiasm. A magical portal where if I entered I could connect with pure inspiration. "You have big energy," someone said to me recently. I know, I thought, and I'm finally ready to pop the top off this baby and let you see and feel it. I never gave myself permission to do that before. It was never safe enough. In fact, it was always so painful to be myself.

The energy was always there. I had put a solid, steel lid on it. I welded that thing shut for decades. Nobody was going to make me feel. Unfortunately, that included the good stuff. Now I realize that shutting myself down to the pain means I don't get to enjoy the bliss. I'm not willing to do one more day without some bliss, so, I'll have to take it all. And I do. I give myself permission to feel it all.

The more open I keep that portal the more capacity there is for feeling the love, joy, and bliss. Even though I feel the pain and sadness fully and deeply and have allowed those feelings access just like the others, I see it takes both ends of the spectrum for full awesomeness.

You have to allow yourself to feel it all if you want to feel inspired, excited and enthusiastic. You have to be willing to explore the deepest, darkest holes if you want to see the light.

If you find yourself moving through life with your armor on to avoid the pain, realize the armor blocks full joy as well. Thick armor makes you numb. Numbing yourself prevents you from feeling excited and enthusiastic about your life. To feel it all you need to shed the layers of armor you've built around yourself.

Get excited. It's okay. It's good. Shine that light. Don't be afraid to stand out. Find others who are shining and start a club. You'll need pals on this journey. The more you stand inside of your vulnerability and worthiness, the more you'll stand out in the world. The more you stand out the more doubt and fear will show up. You'll need a tribe. You'll need regular reinforcements.

Now more than ever the world needs these kinds of warriors. The kind willing to feel deep and carry on. The kind willing to stand up for love, peace and joy. The kind willing to fight for themselves and for those who can't fight for themselves.

Get excited. Let yourself be moved by the energy you feel emerging from you. Pop the top off that baby and let her sing. And when you feel the stares, just know they are watching because the energy is contagious. Don't let it deter you from your exuberance!

Join me in the comments and tell me what you're excited about today!

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