Why you should master MS Excel

Ms Excel is one of those programs that is ubiquitous, and insanely useful. Excel can help you with practically everything - from keeping tabs on your diet to making sense of your balance sheets!

Not surprisingly, Excel is one of those tools that is used by everyone and is a favorite productivity booster tool.

A project manager trying to manage his team's progress

A scientist trying to make sense of data points.

A homemaker keeping tabs on expenses.

A driven employee keeping track of productivity.

A person keeping an eye on their weight-loss journey.

You get the picture... everyone uses Excel. However, for all of its amazing uses, it's exceedingly difficult to find proper training in Excel, especially at school level. If you happen to meet an Excel expert, chances are they were self-taught poring over scores of help pages on the software, and undergoing a strict routine of trial and error.

Even if some of us did happen to receive training in school or work, few of us would have given it the attention it deserved, simply because the extent of its application might have been unfathomable at the time!

Since Excel is used by so many people in so many different ways, learning Excel better can make you:

1. (Very) popular

Many people, beginners, and veterans alike do not have Excel on their flaunt-list. They are also the people who tend to be so frustrated that they might have discussed throwing the computer out of a window a couple of times. Enter an Excel expert and suddenly their world looks so organized!

So if you are the Excel expert, you could be the guy everyone wants to buy a drink.

2. Get you promoted

Now, imagine working your magic on your boss's computer. Playing with data on Excel will give you access to insights others might be blind to.
Suddenly, your boss is the one who cannot afford to pass you up anymore.

3. Help you get home on time

Being a master of Excel can help you sidestep moments of "slow-loading" due to inefficient nested formulas and macros. You won't be the one hyperventilating over the presentation the next morning because the numbers are coming out all wrong.

You will be one walking out early and having your family thank you.
It's time to invest time in learning Excel. Google can be your teacher - there are plenty of resources on the internet!

About the author:

Devishobha Chandramouli is the founder and editor of Kidskintha- a platform dedicated to helping millennial parents raise happy kids. Get your own FREE copy of the eBook "137 Proven Productivity Hacks For The Millennial Parent" now.