Why You Should Never Ask For Salad Dressing On The Side

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They roll your eyes when you order the chicken. They hang their head when you ask for dressing on the side. Self-proclaimed foodies might be an insufferable bunch, but if there’s one thing they know, it’s how to behave at a restaurant. Here, nine things a real one would never, ever do.

Make a reservation without doing research. Here’s why.

Deviate from the menu. Here’s why.

Ask for dressing/sauce on the side. Here’s why.

Choose the chicken. Here’s why.

Order fish or meat that’s no locally sourced. Here’s why.

Order the same thing as someone else. Here’s why.

Request “The Special”. Here’s why.

Ask for meat to be served well-done. Here’s why.

Let the food go cold. Here’s why.


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