Why You Should Never Feel Ashamed To Just Be Yourself

Why You Should Never Feel Ashamed To Just Be Yourself
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You’ve probably heard this saying before or have seen it splashed across the face of a women’s magazine. But let’s be serious, has anyone ever made you feel guilty for being yourself?

Have you ever felt the need to change part of your personality to please someone else? I like to think that asking ourselves these questions is a self mental health check. It’s cheaper than therapy, right?

It may sound a little extreme but we do it all the time. Sometimes we do it without noticing. It’s an unhealthy habit that many people endure throughout their lifetime. If certain people are coming to mind while you’re reading this… there’s something you should know. They are wrong.

It’s important to understand that someone who asks you to change who you are, clearly doesn’t understand that they shouldn’t. What ends up happening is that it stresses us out, emotionally and mentally. So why do we change then? Why do we do it?

Let’s put it this way, you wouldn’t chop off your hair if a stranger told you they preferred it that way, would you? Probably not.

The truth is we make subtle changes because we want to feel accepted, loved, or valued. I know this all may sound like common sense but do we ever really think about it? Especially when it’s someone we care about or care about how they think of us.

As these thoughts grow and you continue to put other’s happiness ahead of your own, you are becoming a people pleaser. People pleaser is a title you should only have at work, not in your personal life.

My point is that we should never change for another individual. Never feel guilty for being exactly who you are. Accepting the little things that make you, you will allow you to grow as a person, and block out negative thoughts that may be lingering in your mind. It may sound cliché but having a healthy mind is no joke, my friends. Being happy all the time does not sustain a healthy mind. Being happy and content with yourself is the key.

Originally written by Jennifer Basa on Unwritten

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